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Berserk Boy Review

Overall - 90%


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Berserk Boy's platforming action manages to eclipse its inspiration, leading to an experience that is an absolute must for fans of the genre.

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Taking a page from Captain Planet, BerserkBoy Games has players channeling earth, wind, and fire – and then some – with their new title Berserk Boy. Should players “go berserk,” as the protagonist so eloquently puts it?

Berserk Boy Review

Wasting no time, the protagonist Kei gets powered up when he comes across a Berserk Orb. With Fiore, Dizzie, the Commander, and the Resistance backing him, he takes the fight against Dr. Genos and his vast quantities of Dark Energy.

Not just for show, Berserk Orbs let him pull off incredible stunts – we’re talking lightning speed, flame drills, ice kunais, and additional elemental attacks. Some are more advantageous than others, but switching between orbs is as simple as pressing a button and direction. Later stages utilize multiple abilities at once, having players climbing, throwing, and doing all manners of stunts. Berserk Boy’s emphasis on style is a crown jewel in the platforming space.

Berserk Boy’s emphasis on style is a crown jewel in the platforming space.

On that note, Kei is speed incarnate through and through. There’s still Resistance members to rescue and backtracking with certain portals, but those that dilly-dally will end up in a bottomless pit or a face full of spikes. A meter ties all the abilities together, but it is very forgiving and can be upgraded at its lab in the base. There’s even Berserk powers like Soaring Wind that place an emphasis on defense – just the thing to deflect shots and get some more airtime.

If anything, Berserk Boy prides itself on skill mastery. As players go a mile a minute, they’ll contend with multiple foes, instant death spikes that move at a quick pace, and switches that temporarily open doors. Pattern recognition is an absolute must, from the platforming to the boss fights. What might seem like a cheap laser is actually telegraphed; knowing how to deal with Berserk Boy’s many threats channels the platformers of old, all without being cheap.

Berserk Boy prides itself on skill mastery.

Just be ready to die – a lot. While playing on modern resets players to a fairly recent spot behind, each death eats away at one’s score. It’s even possible to end up in the negatives – don’t ask how we know that. However, Berserk Boy’s letter grade system will encourage players to rise to the top.

While Berserk Boy is a fairly short title, there are plenty of additional pieces of content. Players can seek out additional goodies in each stage that require specific abilities to access; this encourages a thorough scouring of each level. There’s even additional stages and collectibles to be had. Thankfully, its four teleporters in each level make sure it’s easy to get to just the right spot.

Berserk Boy’s presentation is at the top of its class.

Berserk Boy’s presentation is at the top of its class. The spritework stands out, with bright colors and personality in spades. The music is a bop too, with remixes each level that will get stuck in your head from the very first beat.

Berserk Boy’s platforming action manages to eclipse its inspiration, leading to an experience that is an absolute must for fans of the genre.

This review of Berserk Boy was done on the PC. A digital code was provided by the publisher.
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