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Blask Review

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Overall - 60%


Blask, though a bit on the light side, provides enough challenging puzzles for players to work their grey matter. Those who don’t mind digging around for the right solution will enjoy playing with these beams of light.

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SmallBigSquare lets players bring out their inner scientist with their new laser-focused title Blask. There is certainly a lot to play around with in this puzzler, but do its 60 levels make for something more than homework?

Blask Review

Without saying a single word, players will quickly understand how to play this title. Lasers are emitted from a certain point, and must be connected to the circle endpoints. However, this is far easier said than done, as a number of obstacles stand in your way. Most levels feature different squares and triangles, which can be rotated and moved to overlap with current items. Lasers can also be bounced off of walls to make for trick shots that can target those hard-to-reach areas. Other elements, like Xs that prevent players from pivoting an object, are also introduced, adding to the challenge.

It might sound like a lot to manage, and it can certainly get complex as things progress. Early levels are straightforward affairs, and new concepts like triangular prisms and squares that unlock items are gradually introduced. However, for every easy level, there are three more that combine multiple concepts, laser points, and elements.

Despite all of this, it never comes across as gimmicky. The right solution takes careful planning, and though a completed board might look like an amalgamation of objects mashed together, it does prove to be entertaining when the right solution is finally discovered. Most puzzles take a few minutes to solve, and its collection of 60 brain teasers gives it some legs. Just be warned that there is often only one solution to most puzzles – don’t expect to freestyle your way to a completed level through your own makeshift solution.

Blask - Gamers Heroes

Blask is a bit barebones with its presentation, with everything taking place on a black backdrop with white lines. The lasers, though colorful, do not leave a lasting impression or give it much of a personality. In addition, the ambient music is a bit light on its track count, looping quite a bit throughout the title. However, those that tire of these tunes can just as easily turn it off, though the silence does come across as deafening.

Those who are stuck on a particular puzzle can just as easily reset the board with the press of a button. There isn’t a lot of variety on tap – there is a distinct lack of a scoreboard, a countdown, or a scoring system but the relaxed pace will likely appeal to a number of different people. Achievements are pretty straightforward as well, unlocking for every five levels completed.

Blask, though a bit on the light side, provides enough challenging puzzles for players to work their grey matter. Those who don’t mind digging around for the right solution will enjoy playing with these beams of light.

This review of Blask was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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