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Burst Fighter Review

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Overall - 70%


Burst Fighter isn't a revolutionary shmup, but it's one that offers a fair amount of variety. Fans of the genre will likely appreciate their time with the game, however short it may be.

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Inspired by the shoot-em-ups of old, magesoft enters the genre with their title Burst Fighter. Should you take the fight to The Machines, or have we seen this battle play out one too many times?

Burst Fighter Review

It often seems like a shoot-em-up needs to have a gimmick in order for it to stand out. Ikaruga’s got a color swiching mechanic, Graze Counter’s got a bullet grazing mechanic…so what does Burst Fighter have? It might not have anything as dynamic as these titles, but it does have the ability to change out your loadout between each stage. Choosing different options for the skin, core, wings, and weapon, mixing and matching parts in this game greatly changes up your rate of fire. Those who prefer their shmups to mimic the games of old might go for a more focused rate of fire, while those looking for something else may choose something that offloads fire to a wider area. Mixing and matching parts gives the game some legs, and while it is not revolutionary, it does give the game some much-needed variety.

Levels play out like you think they would. Players take control of the “Burst Fighter,” taking out enemies and picking up powerups along the way. A “Maximum Burst Charge” is also available that grants added firepower and temporary invincibility; a must when it comes to navigating certain parts. Fire doesn’t quite fill the screen like the more heavy danmakus the genre is known for, but there is still plenty of challenge. Some fire can be shot down, while other bullets lock on to the player. It keeps you on your toes, and while the game hits fast and hard, it never feels unfair. Backgrounds have a fair amount of detail to them, but it can be hard to keep track of fire due to the similar detail they have.

Burst Fighter - Gamers Heroes

To spice things up, each of Burst Fighter’s 11 levels has a different detail to it. Some may have you timing your flight between laser beams, while others may have you taking down an armada of giant ships or a miniboss. It keeps things interesting, and while minibosses and enemies repeat themselves with minor variations, this structure is still welcome. Even the bosses have multiple phases to them, with a different strategy required for each part.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of replay value for those looking for it. While two player co-op play is available, there is no online play to speak of. While there is a leaderboard and the ability to choose each level upon completion, there is no ranking system for those looking for it. As a result, this may not have the type of replayability fans have come to expect from similar titles in the genre.

Burst Fighter isn’t a revolutionary shmup, but it’s one that offers a fair amount of variety. Fans of the genre will likely appreciate their time with the game, however short it may be.

This review of Burst Fighter was written based on the Steam version of the game. The game was purchased digitally.

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