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The Crew Review – Needs More Fine Tuning

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Overall - 60%


If you are a die hard racing fan with some friends who are playing this you MIGHT enjoy The Crew. Sadly though this is a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. The idea was great but they needed more time to polish up and add things to it. This road trip is one you can skip out on.

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The Crew Review - Needs More Fine Tuning

The Crew is an ambitious racer that let’s you travel all over America doing various races and challenges. Is the game worth picking up or should it just be left in the used car lot? Check out our honest game review to help you make your choice.

The story of The Crew is a pretty basic one, even for a racer. Beat all the enemy crews, make your way to the top and finally take out the top guy. You will travel all over America facing off with five different 510 Crews while doing missions for them and your employer. The story missions do a good job of showing you a good amount of the game world but that’s about it. I never felt any attachment to the characters, nor did I care what happened at the end of the game. This could of been because for the first half of the game I could not get the handling.

When all you can do in a game is race the handling should be pretty easy to grasp. Instead I had to go into the menu and spend about an hour trying to get it to a manageable level. Even after I got the handling down the AI was constantly able to catch up with me even with lower leveled cars. It doesn’t make sense that I need a certain level to play a mission and when I overshoot that level the AI can still keep up with me. This ultimately meant that you could be in the lad till the last check point, crash into some traffic and lose the entire race. It’s first or bust in the normal races which is also annoying.

Outside of normal races, you will be trying to make it through check points before the timer hits 0. Each check point you get will add more time until you make it to the end. These were the best races for me because I didn’t have to repeat them 4-5 times. Another race type will have you escaping the police which is beyond ridiculous. Somehow the AI police have no trouble keeping up with your super cars and, no matter what terrain they are on they can drive perfectly. Odds are you will be retrying these races a few times just to figure out the best route to escape the police.

There are also raid missions where you have to destroy enemy cars. These are literally trail and error as you look for the best route to the enemy off on the track. Throughout the campaign you will be repeating those races over and over again. It is very tedious but since you travel all over America the scenery changes up at least.

The Crew Gameplay

Upgrading your car becomes easy as you progress as well. The world has a ton of challenges set up across the world and you can get upgrades by just completing them. Until you reach the max level the parts come in bronze, silver and gold based on how well you do. All you have to do is scroll over a challenge and it will tell you how much of a bonus it will give your car. This makes leveling up for missions simple and keeps you from re-doing the races over and over. Unfortunately this upgrades don’t show up on the car which defiantly hurts.

After I got to about level 30 and finished up Miami the game got alot easier. I’m not sure if I finally got used to the handling or my car was finally upgraded enough to make it easier. Either way the second half of the game ended up being way better for me then the first half. This is also the point where I joined up with another player which also helped out. This game is definitely made to be played with other people. This isn’t good because if you don’t know people who play you won’t get partners most of the time. I tired to get people into my session more than once and I never could. Once you have another player you it doesn’t matter who takes first you still win. This is very helpful if you are bad at a certain kind of race.

Driving With Friends Makes It Better

The funnest aspect of the game is the PVP. When you race against other players everything feels fair and if they make a mistake they pay for it. There isn’t much of a balance system on car level but if you are near everyone else anything can happen. One thing I did notice is most players don’t like to turn on traffic for some reason. I crashed into it quite a bit during story but it adds more a challenge to the races in my opinion. This is what you will be doing after you finish the game to help you earn cash for the more expensive cars. You will earn some okay cash throughout the story but not enough to afford the end game cars. Something I did notice is the challenges are still offline two weeks after release.

If you are a die hard racing fan with some friends who are playing this you MIGHT enjoy The Crew. Sadly though this is a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. The idea was great but they needed more time to polish up and add things to it. This road trip is one you can skip out on.

The Crew review was written based on the PlayStation 4 version. A physical copy was provided by the publisher.

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