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Crossing Souls Review

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Overall - 80%


Crossing Souls is a solid action game with a fun cast and enjoyable fights. If you are looking for some old school beat-em-up action in this day and age, check it out.

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Crossing Souls is an indie action adventure game set in the 80s. Does it give you a reason to go back in time, or should you stick to something from this century? Check out our review and find out.

Crossing Souls Review

The story starts off with you waking up as Chris, a young kid with blue hair. Your walkie-talkie is going off, as your younger brother Kevin is calling you. He has found something unusual, and he wants you to gather your friends and meet him at the tree house. As you get up from your bed, you remember there was a storm last night, and it has wreaked havoc on your TV and your neighbors’ TVs. While you are moving around town, you start to notice things aren’t right. Furniture is floating, people are talking about aliens, and there is even someone going on about a bus that “mysteriously disappeared” years ago. When you eventually get the tree house, things go from odd to downright weird as you find a mysterious pink glowing stone.

Crossing Souls Review

After your and your friends begin investigating it, Matt (the smart one) deducts that it may have something to do with Egyptian symbols. He hypothesizes that the stone is somehow connected to the Duat, the realm where souls wait for judgment in the afterlife. The stone has a downside though; it drains the life of its user. Matt adjusts one of his machines with a gamma ray to make it usable without draining the user’s life. When the machine is complete, the kids use it to see the souls of cave dwellers in the room they are in. The scene ends, and a new one opens up with a military man talking about the scientist and stone. The kids are now being hunted…and they don’t even know it.

You start off as Chris, and he is the de-facto leader of the group. His weapon is a bat, and he can climb and jump. Matt is the nerdy one who uses a laser as a weapon. He can’t jump, but he does have hover boots that let him float for a short period. Charlie is the lady of the group, and she is athletic and quick. Using her jump rope, she can slingshot to specific areas and makes use of an AoE attack when fighting. Big Joe, as the name implies, is the big tough guy. He has the most HP and hits the hardest, but he runs out of stamina the quickest as well. Kevin is the brother of Chris, and he is annoying. He starts off pretty useless and can’t even attack, but becomes very useful later in the game.

Crossing Souls is broken up into three categories: platforming, combat, and puzzles. Fighting in the game is much like an old school beat-em-up such as Streets of Rage or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. There is even a throwback to the classic beat-em-up era during the game, which was a nice touch. However, platforming is where the game falls short. The perspective of the game is top-down, so when you have to jump from platform to platform, it can be difficult to judge a jump. It can also be hard to tell which objects you can jump onto and which ones you cannot. When everything looks like it is on the same level and you are looking for secrets, this can get very frustrating. It isn’t a deal breaker; just an annoyance.

Crossing Souls Review

Puzzles in the game are interesting due to the Duat Crystal, which allows you to see into the plane of the dead. The crystal also will enable you to control a ghost in your party. It can be managed separately from your main party and can do things physical beings cannot. The trick with the ghost is placing it in the right spots at the right time. If you leave it near a note that you need to read, you can switch back to the ghost and get the info in real time. It can also go through portals in certain spots, letting it move to areas the other characters can’t access. This is the thing the game does different from most games, and while it can be irritating at times, it works.

Throughout the game we didn’t encounter any crashes or bugs, making for a pleasant playing experience.

Crossing Souls is a solid action game with a fun cast and enjoyable fights. If you are looking for some old school beat-em-up action in this day and age, check it out.

This review of Crossing Souls was written based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. A code was provided by the publisher.

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