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Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist Review

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Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist is an offensive title with zero replay value and little taste. The short length, grade school humor, and hammy acting make it an easy pass for even the most diehard of FMV fans.

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Full motion videogames have always gotten a bad rap – there’s a reason Sewer Shark isn’t held in high regard. Bmc Studio’s Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist brings this style of gameplay to 2018, but it’s safe to say that it won’t win any awards.

Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist Review

The game opens up with quite the predicament. The hero Dabman has been captured and thrown into a maximum security prison, and the nefarious Emoji Iradicator and Haterboy are looking to take out his girlfriend Jessie as well. However, after eating a Tide Pod (which is a piece of paper that she immediately spits out), she becomes Dabwoman. Her powers include dabbing with magic, playing patty cake, and throwing bananas.

It’s an incredibly silly concept, one without much thought put into it. Though the entirety of the game lasts around 15 minutes from start to finish, players will hear an endless stream of curse words, fart sounds, and in-jokes. A number of these concepts would not fly in a mainstream title, and it’s amazing that they went with some of these tasteless jokes in the first place. It’s never explained why a long-haired man is going door to door selling cookies and beans, but the cast and crew filming it can’t contain their laughter through it all. As a result, it can feel disjointed.

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The poor production values make following the plot that much more difficult. No special lighting was used, and filming was done around a house in the suburbs. Everybody has a French-Canadian accent as well, which is laid on a little thick. Extreme close-ups, random jump cuts, and loud noises break things up, but it still makes for a jarring production.

Most of the game is spent watching the characters play their parts, but the occasional choice pops up. These largely play out the same, with the difference between “slap him” and “insult him” playing out exactly how you think they would. There are a handful of choices in Dabwoman, and it is impossible to lose. Players can always jump straight to the next option with the click of a mouse, and can finish this title in around a minute – perfect for speedrunners or for those who can’t take it anymore.

Needless to say, there is no replay value to be found. Other than some alternate choices, all playthroughs will largely cover the same material.

Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist is an offensive title with zero replay value and little taste. The short length, grade school humor, and hammy acting make it an easy pass for even the most diehard of FMV fans.

This review of Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn’t Sexist was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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