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Deneb: Across the Stars Review

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Overall - 60%


Deneb: Across the Stars has the framework needed to be a speedrunning sensation, but its brutal difficulty will only appeal to the hardest of the core. Those looking to brave the wild unknown best bring some patience.

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Setting out to find her lost colleague Altair, players will join the astronaut Vega on an interstellar journey with the release of SEROSOO’s Deneb: Across the Stars. With only mouse controls at one’s disposal, does this hardcore platformer have what it takes to entice gamers?

Deneb: Across the Stars Review

After crash landing in an attempt to save your marooned friend, players set out to save the day by traversing the great unknown to get both yourself and your fellow man out of a sticky situation. There’s just one problem – the universe is dead set on doing everything in its power to make sure you fail on your rescue mission.

However, this is a perilous situation – there are no weapons, accessories, or items at your disposal. Rather, the only way to cope with the situation and come out ahead is through the use of the mouse. While 360 degree movement is at your disposal, the most you can do is hold down the left mouse button to run.

Don’t be fooled, though; Deneb: Across the Stars provides plenty of challenge – to a fault. Heading from the bottom of the screen upwards, this journey will feature lasers, spiked maces, destructible platforms, and plenty of smiling face blocks that quickly turn vicious. There’s a lot to overcome, and failure will throw players into a bubble and kick them to a previous point.

This isn’t a bad system in and of itself – we do like a good challenge. However, we also believe that things should be fair.

Deneb: Across the Stars does everything in its power to disadvantage the player. Early sections aren’t terrible, with just minor inconveniences and forgiving areas. However, trying to comprehend teleporters, odd angles, floating clouds, and sections that will kick players back a fair amount and one quickly comes to realize that this title was intentionally made a bother. Some may enjoy the challenge, but we ended up frustrated in our attempt.

To make things even more challenging, players can also rescue a number of dogs throughout their journey. Deneb: Across the Stars has a number of puppers dotting the landscape, each needing to be brought back to their doghouse home. Do that, and you’re able to set them free.

However, the challenge lies in where their home actually is. When one can barely take care of themselves in Deneb: Across the Stars, the idea of extra credit seems a little much. Speedrunners with a masochistic side will enjoy going for 100%, but the more casual among us will likely leave these little guys to their own fate.

Deneb: Across the Stars has the framework needed to be a speedrunning sensation, but its brutal difficulty will only appeal to the hardest of the core. Those looking to brave the wild unknown best bring some patience.

This review of Deneb: Across the Stars was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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