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DiRT 4 Review

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DiRT 4 will appeal to almost any type of racer. The sheer amount of options guarantees long term play, and though more locales will be nice, the variety of vehicles, modes, and conditions more than makes up for it.

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With decades of experience under their belt, Codemasters returns to the world of rallycross racing in DiRT 4. Does this title live up to its heritage, or are you better off not taking the wheel?

DiRT 4 Review

Rather than appeal to a specific niche, DiRT 4 appeals to all sorts of gamers. Casual fans new to the sport have nothing to worry about, as the game has a “Gamer” settings and a very gradual difficulty curve that goes through the basics of rally racing. Even those who are unfamiliar with pace notes can be aided with a stellar tutorial and a “DiRT Academy” that lets players get a general feel for each car in a test track. Those who closely follow the sport are covered with its full-on “Simulation” setting, with the ability to fix damage, finely tune weight, change gears, and truly feel the road. It definitely adds an extra layer of challenge, but it is a welcome addition for those who want it. No matter how in-depth you go, the tight controls and different styles of handling will appeal to all.

DiRT 4 prides itself on its in-depth Career mode. Split between “Rally,” “Rally Cross,” “Land Rush,” and “Historic Rally” races, players will rise through the ranks, gathering licenses, credits, and experience along the way. Do well in a series of stages, and you’ll be able to unlock new events on a regional, national, and global level. Though there are only five locations (Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden, and Wales), there is enough variety among each race to encourage different styles of play. Races are different enough from each other to not be repetitive, and conditions like fog or darkness make certain stages unique. Those looking for a bit of added challenge can take on extra objectives for each race for additional credits, like not using any penalty time. Add to that the chance to drive in trucks, dune buggies, karts, and older car models, and one can see that there is no shortage of variety.

DiRT 4 - Gamers Heroes

The game throws you a tiny car with some pep to start out, but the chance to buy new cars (and scour classified ads) means that you can get the perfect set of wheels and flesh out your garage in due time. Players can also build out a crew of engineers, pace note readers, and more, and can make quality of life tweaks to make sure they are in a good mood and are giving you the experience you’re looking for.

Outside of Career mode is the chance to try out randomized tracks in the “DiRT Joyride” mode. Though it would be ideal to create your own races, the option is still a welcome one. There are also daily, weekly, and month-long challenges that encourage repeat play. Ranked online matches in the form of Pro Tour races available, as are more community-oriented events in the game’s Community mode. There is no shortage of content here, and fans of the game will find plenty to sink their teeth into.

DiRT 4 will appeal to almost any type of racer. The sheer amount of options guarantees long term play, and though more locales will be nice, the variety of vehicles, modes, and conditions more than makes up for it.

This review of DiRT 4 was written based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. A digital code was provided by the publisher.

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