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Divination Review

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Divination’s cyberpunk stylings create a captivating world of depression and grief, but the grammatical errors and short length hinder its long term appeal.

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The future is a nebulous thing, but what if you had the power to know what happens next? Mojiken Studio takes a look at what may be with their new visual novel Divination. Do things look bright for this title, or is a bleak outcome in the cards?

Divination Review

The world is in a bleak state since the AI brain Mother commited suicide three years ago. Mother had a prominent role in society, acting as judge in a court of law and filling in countless other roles. Since her passing, suicides have run rampant in the area, and a group called “The Last Wisdom” is quickly becoming known. This cyberpunk world is a bleak one, and there is no hope of salvation in its dystopian setting.

Amidst all this chaos is you, a creature that is just limbs and nothing more. However, your divination skills precede you, boasting an impressive 100% accuracy rate. As players sit around their lair that is surrounded with television screens, patrons from all walks of life pay you a visit and see what the future has in store for them, with all you asking in return is information of their last dream.

It’s a fascinating tale, even with the limited vantage points Divination provides. Players won’t be hobnobbing with the denizens of the city; rather, the entirety of the game is told through these interactions and what is shown on TV. It can feel somewhat limiting when given a vantage point like this, but these interactions do carry the game. Just be warned that the grammar can be spotty at times, with broken sentences appearing on more than one occasion.

As players come into your abode, they come to you asking for information of what may happen in the future. One can continue to prod them for more information, which does provide a fair amount of backstory. Though it skews on the dark side of things with tales of comatose patients and those lacking purpose, it is nevertheless a captivating tale to the very end.

Once it is time, players will read the future with a number of different runes. The way these runes are placed determines their fate, whether positive or negative. It can be tricky to figure out exactly what goes where, but a flowchart that shows the path to the true ending can be unlocked before too long. We were able to reach the “true” end that comes with an achievement in around an hour.

Just be warned that there is not a lot of game here to begin with. There are only a handful of readings that can be done, and dialog does not vary greatly between different playthroughs. Think of this as more of a one and done kind of title.

Divination’s cyberpunk stylings create a captivating world of depression and grief, but the grammatical errors and short length hinder its long term appeal.

This review of Divination was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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