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Donut Dodo Review

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For those itching for some new oldies, Donut Dodo is the tribute you need. The controls take some getting used to, but those weaned on the classics will take to it like a dodo to water.

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We’ve all played the classics – Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man – but old school just isn’t getting any newer. Enter pixel.games and Donut Dodo, a Steam game that mimics the feel of days gone by. Should players shoot for the high score, or should the past stay buried?

Donut Dodo Review

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In this title, good ol’ Baker Billy Burns is on a hunt to collect all of the donuts and get himself a happy end. There’s just one problem; the Donut Dodo, Sniffy the mouse, Stinky the toilet, and Winky the ghost want to stop him in his tracks.

Taking cues from Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and other classic arcade games not named Donkey Kong, Donut Dodo has players hopping around in an attempt to collect all the donuts in a single screen level. There’s some hooks to each stage – one has teleporting doors that zip people all across the stage, while another has an ever-spinning ferris wheel. There’s also a number of projectiles shooting their way from the dodo, fireballs from inconveniently placed oil drums, and floors of spikes – it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Although there are only five levels (and a bonus level with a bouncing pumpkin), each one has been carefully crafted. There’s a number of little tricks to each one that’ll have players min-maxing their way to a high score. Knowing the order to grab donuts – and having the reflexes to do so unscathed – is the stuff arcade classics are known for.

The biggest thing that Donut Dodo has for it, however, is its tight control scheme. One need not worry about slipping and sliding around; the brass tacks approach to this platformer means that every jump is meaningful and no fault but your own. It takes some getting used to; think Mario Bros. as opposed to Super Mario Bros. However, one can take to it just fine before too long, coming to realize the inner workings of its system. Put simply there’s no cheap shots – hate the player, not the game.

Of course, Donut Dodo has leaderboards as an arcade title. Separated into Easy-Medium, Medium-Hard, and Sugar Rush (a speedrun), there’s plenty of brackets to choose from. There’s also a Daily High Score bracket that will be released for the game at a later date.

It should be worth noting that the presentation here is at the top of its class. Much like Fix-it Felix, Donut Dodo looks the part as a modern throwback. If one were to make a custom arcade cabinet with this title next to Galaga and Popeye, people would be none the wiser.

For those itching for some new oldies, Donut Dodo is the tribute you need. The controls take some getting used to, but those weaned on the classics will take to it like a dodo to water.

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