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Double Turn Review

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Double Turn might pay tribute to the wild and wonderful world of wrestling, but the end result is something not worth tuning into. Those hoping for the next WrestleMania will be sorely disappointed in this one.

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Wrestling and video games go together like peanut butter and chocolate – look no further than WWF No Mercy or Def Jam: Fight for New York for some classic examples. SmackInwave Labs looks to join the ranks of these greats with their new pro-wrestling party brawler Double Turn. Should players enter the ring, or is this one just a pretender?

Double Turn Review

Those who grew up in the age of Hulkamania will know the song and dance of Double Turn all too well. Choosing between a brawler, a high flyer, a striker, and a showman, players will fight in a gauntlet for a chance to come out on top. Strikes, grabs, blocks, and dodges all make sense, but it’s the Signature Moves that help you come out on top. By building a heat meter from dishing out damage and blocking any oncoming attacks, this meter is the key to landing a killer blow and knocking out your opponent cold. Do that three times and the match is yours.

This sounds pretty straightforward and makes sense on paper, but the execution is somewhat lacking. Much like Sony’s failed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, players can only get ahead by landing special maneuvers by building meter. More often than not, it leads to people spamming the same stun moves and throw chains, only to deliver a finishing Signature Move and end the match. There’s no guarantee that these Signature Moves will land either – one mistimed press of the Space button can leave you high and dry. Unlike the Super Smash Bros. series of fighters, the system implemented here leads to frustration rather than fun.

The overall presentation takes away from the game too. There’s simply no impact to each strike; while the sound effects are there, it often feels like you’re punching into thin air than into an unsuspecting opponent. In addition, the lack of music during bouts lacks the energy needed to keep players going; while the crowd chants are nice, they simply aren’t enough to drive players to fight. Finally, the perspective is a bit of an odd one; one would expect a zooming system akin to Super Smash Bros. or Samurai Shodown to be in effect, but the zoomed out look leaves everything leaving small and insignificant.

Outside of a brief Training Mode and a Practice Mode without any modifiers, there’s a Gauntlet that has you fighting against three opponents and a Battle Royal that pits players against 20. There’s also a Leaderboard, but it was not working as of this review.

There are some achievements to encourage players to dive in though. Breaking tables, landing strikes, and completing matches can all help you on your merry way to unlocking all of them, but these objectives feel a bit arbitrary when all is said and done.

Double Turn might pay tribute to the wild and wonderful world of wrestling, but the end result is something not worth tuning into. Those hoping for the next WrestleMania will be sorely disappointed in this one.

This review of Double Turn was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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