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Duke Dashington Remastered Review

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Overall - 70%


Duke Dashington is over before it even begins, but it provides an interesting puzzle platforming adventure worthy of any treasure hunter.

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Treasure awaits in Adventure Islands’ Duke Dashington Remastered, but time is not on the players side. Part puzzle game, part platformer, does this title’s bite-sized thrills offer enough for players to sink their teeth into?

Duke Dashington Remastered Review

To get the treasure that you so rightly deserve, Duke Dashington finds himself traveling to one of five different temples across the world. However, whether it be the Temple of Nenapmis, the City of Atlantis, or Mount Hades, he manages to trigger a trap and put himself in danger. Each treasure lies at the heart of each temple, and he must dash his way to the goods across five different areas. It’s a pretty simple tale, but the colorful sprite work exudes personality. The brief interludes before and after each temple set the stage, and give this bloke character.

Living up to his name, Duke Dashington’s main form of transportation is dashing. Hitting left, right, or up will send this adventurer flying through the air, only stopped by a wall or an object. The way he moves forces players to look before they leap. It is possible to cancel out of moves to go a different direction, but timing plays a huge part in successfully completing each stage. Players will also have to manipulate sections of the environment to provide the perfect angle to bounce off of.

Duke Dashington Remastered - Gamers Heroes

It’s not like players will have much time to think about their next move, however – each room of Duke Dashington Remastered must be completed in under 10 seconds. However, this is far easier said than done, as there are a number of traps that can knock this explorer out in one hit. Spike balls, rivers of lava, mine carts full of sharp crystals, and pointy spears are just the start – there are also elements like rising tides and moving platforms that must be tinkered around with as well. Though lives are infinite, expect to revisit certain areas a few times until the best way to progress makes itself known. Even then, once a particularly difficult area is complete, there is no need to come back to it – it is over before it even got a chance to linger.

Each temple is made up of 30 stages, with five different temples to choose from. This isn’t the longest game around – most adventurers will be able to nab everything in around an hour – but it does not overstay its welcome. For those looking for more, time trials for each temple are available. For those that are truly adventurous, a time trial that encompasses the entire game can also be unlocked. Those that are skilled can also unlock some hard-to-get achievements for dying less than a set amount of times.

Duke Dashington is over before it even begins, but it provides an interesting puzzle platforming adventure worthy of any treasure hunter.

This review of Duke Dashington Remastered was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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