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EA Sports PGA Tour Review

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Featuring deep swing mechanics and incredibly detailed courses, EA Sports PGA Tour sets a new gold standard for golf games. The title is every bit as deep as one wants it to be, with RPG elements that encourage replayability and self-improvement.

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EA Sports once again hits the links with the release of EA Sports PGA Tour. Featuring the Majors, Pure Strike technology, and an RPG-like system, should players set out for a good walk spoiled?

EA Sports PGA Tour Review

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After creating and customizing the golfer of their dreams (ours has dreads), players will be able to set out on the road to become a Major champion. The suite of options is staggering, with the tiniest cosmetic and gameplay details at one’s fingertips. Those weaned on Everybody’s Golf can choose Arcade (the option we did for this review), while those more experienced can go for Pro, Tour, or Simulation. The suite of options is an absolute godsend, opening up the title to a broader audience.

Of course, a golf game is only as good as its control scheme. EA Sports PGA Tour understood the assignment with its Pure Strike technology swing system that’s intuitive and deep in equal measures. By using the left analog stick to swing and the right analog stick to determine where to hit the ball, players have complete control over each shot. If you land in the bunker or get a bogey, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

It does take some getting used to – there were times where we admittedly choked on a putt or ended up overswinging just a little too much. Despite this, EA Sports PGA Tour does everything in its power to make sure players land the perfect shot. While the three-click system from other titles is MIA, the satisfying thwack that comes when things eventually click makes it well worth the effort.

Throughout EA Sports PGA Tour, players will utilize an RPG-like system that features Skill Paths, Shot Types, and stats through its Course Fit program. Of course, no RPG isn’t complete without Quests, which features Chapter Rewards from completing different objectives. After choosing where one wants to begin their career, players will hit the links and begin their arduous journey to the Masters.

One of the joys of this mode are the choices one can make along the way – the experience is tailored to meet the exact needs of the player as they build their legacy. One can jump in where they like, and Season Settings can be tweaked down to the tiniest detail. EA Sports PGA Tour is as robust or casual as one wants it to be.

Those who want to take the challenge online against the world can dive into its Competitive Mode. Options are a bit limited to Augusta’s Amen Corner with 16 simultaneous players, a random 9 hours in Pro, and a random 18 holes in Arcade, but the gesture is still appreciated nonetheless. There’s also top 100 leaderboards that track points, wins, losses, ties, and GP – a nice touch. Of course, Stroke Play is also available for those looking for a Private Match.

Of course, for those who want something a bit more casual, EA Sports PGA Tour features Quick Play with a suite of options. We enjoyed diving into the mode for some Stroke Play, but Match Play, Skins, and team options are also available. As an added bonus, all 30 courses are available from the offset – no grinding here. There’s a healthy amount of variety here, from staples like St. Andrews and TPC Scottsdale to the fantasy Wetlands and Lighthouse Pointe courses.

And each course is an absolute looker. We ended up playing the title in 4K with Dolby Vision on an OLED television and were awestruck at the amount of detail that went into each course. Frostbite is pushed to its absolute limit; put simply, EA Sports PGA Tour is the best looking golf game to date.

Just note that the title has monetization elements with the form of its PGA Tour Points. 500 points come in at $4.99, which 5,750 points will cost players $49.99. Items in its store can be purchased with in-game Reward Point currency, but expect to pay a bit more.

Featuring deep swing mechanics and incredibly detailed courses, EA Sports PGA Tour sets a new gold standard for golf games. The title is every bit as deep as one wants it to be, with RPG elements that encourage replayability and self-improvement.

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