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The Final Station “The Only Traitor” DLC Review

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Anyone who was a fan of The Final Station should pick up The Only Traitor. At $5, the DLC is a steal and helps answer questions about the first game, all while adding some new and interesting ones to the equation.

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The Final Station returns with brand new DLC called “The Only Traitor.” This time, you play a new character with a muscle car instead of a train conductor. Check out our The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC review to find out what we thought.

The Final Station The Only Traitor DLC Review

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The Only Traitor starts off much different from The Final Station. The DLC begins in an apartment as a man with a baseball bat who already knows that monsters are about. The other big change is the fact that this character talks. It was implied that the hero of The Final Station spoke to certain characters, but you never got any text from him. This journey is really about two things: getting to shelter and finding out what actually happened to this world. You travel from area to area searching for water, food, fuel, and survivors. Being as you use a car instead of a train this time, you can only have one survivor at a time in this game. That might be a turn off for some people, being as the last game was all about rescuing as many as you could to get the best rewards.

You don’t get rewards for rescuing people this time. Instead, they have certain stats that will help you on your journey. The stats are broken down into three categories: medic, crafting, and social. The higher the medic bar on a character, the higher the heal rate is you get when you drive the car. The crafting stat means it will take fewer resources for someone to craft you bullets or med packs. Lastly, the social meter determines how much someone will speak to you between each area in the car. That last one might sound important, but if you want to find out what happened to the world, you need to listen to these people. One huge thing that I had a problem with in The Final Station was the fact that people on the train would speak, but you couldn’t see it all while not in the passenger car. In “The Only Traitor,” you have a one-on-one conversation between each area with whoever you have rescued.

Combat hasn’t changed much, but you do have a melee weapon instead of your fist this time. Honestly, I relied on the bat for most the game, and only used the revolver when I couldn’t melee something to death. They also added some new enemies which was a good call. Now they have a spitter, one that crawls after you beat it down, and one that rages after you hit it a few times. Learning how to deal with these adds a bit of challenge to the game. All the enemies from the first game also make an appearance as well, so you can be dealing with a ton of different enemies in any given level.

The Final Station The Traitor DLC

While you do explore some new areas not visited in The Final Station, you also visit ones that the train went through. These were some of the best moments in the game for me, when I saw what happened after I dropped off people in The Final Station. You will also run into some survivors that you will recognize from the first game, which was also nice. Sadly, there was only one weapon and the shops only sold med kits and bullets this time, so no mods. It was a bummer because I didn’t have to worry much about supplies throughout most of the game. You don’t have to heal or feed your passenger this time, so you don’t burn through supplies as often. That is another huge change, and I’m not sure it was one for the better. Managing the survivors on the train in The Final Station was stressful, but it was also rewarding to do.

The music is pretty top-notch as well. Some of the old tracks make a return, as well as some new ones. This time, the music plays throughout the level and normally correlates with the level well. Some are more calm and relaxing, with birds in the background, while others have a ting of mystery to them as you explore abandoned towns. The game runs a little over two hours, and I didn’t run into a single crash or bug.

Anyone who was a fan of The Final Station should pick up The Only Traitor. At $5, the DLC is a steal and helps answer questions about the first game, all while adding some new and interesting ones to the equation.

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