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Fur the Game Review

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Fur the Game’s accurate physics engine and cute creatures make for a solid foundation, but these Furs make a quick exit. It serves as a great proof of concept, but don’t be surprised if it leaves you wanting more.

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The Fur Dev Team lives up to its name by giving players the chance to play with Furs in the appropriately titled puzzle game “Fur the Game.” Featuring a number of round blobs and some physics puzzles, are these little guys more like Furbies or Tribbles?

Fur the Game Review

Players aren’t given much context when they enter this world of furs. Dropped into a lab, players must free themselves from this zone by any means necessary. They’re not alone though – a number of multicolored, round creatures called Furs have made the lab home, and can be used to solve puzzles and guide the way.

Players start out with just one Fur, but as time progresses, multiple ones of different colors will follow you like a loyal dog. These furs can be found in boxes and far off areas, but they’re not the most cunning of the lot – Portal this is not. Each has a different name, though titles like “Follower 1” and “Follower 2” aren’t the most creative of the lot. They don’t do much either – other than the occasional coo sound or “roger that,” they just stare at you with a piercing gaze. Nevertheless, they still manage to warm the heart and don’t succumb the curse of being annoying or grating.

Fur the Game - Gamers Heroes

To make the most of these furs, players can pick them up and throw them around. Some Furs can be put near areas to create a stairwell, while other furs can be used as makeshift basketballs. These puzzles aren’t overly complex, and though players might not have the right “Furs” for the job at any given moment, the small world makes it easy to explore everything fairly easily without getting too lost. Anybody who is familiar with color matching and first person shooters should be able to manage this title without too much trouble.

Your reward for doing these tasks? Additional Furs! It can be a bit extreme to have so many little creatures at your side, but it is still a welcome feedback loop nonetheless. The solid physics engine works as it should, and though it is not overly complex, it does what it sets out to do quite well.

It’s just a shame that Fur the Game is a bit on the short side. Made up of just a few rooms and a handful of puzzles, players will be able to free themselves from this lab prison in around 15 minutes. While the foundation here is a solid one, but it ends before it even begins. However, it does not overstay its welcome, and that is certainly appreciated in this day and age.

Fur the Game’s accurate physics engine and cute creatures make for a solid foundation, but these Furs make a quick exit. It serves as a great proof of concept, but don’t be surprised if it leaves you wanting more.

This review of Fur the Game was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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