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Galactic Grinder Review

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Overall - 80%


Oozing with style, Galactic Grinder channels the best score chasers with its skateboarding action. Those who love to gun for the high score - and do it with panache - shouldn’t miss this sleeper hit.

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Part Jet Set Radio, part Subway Surfers, and all style, DigiPen Europe-Bilbao are giving players the chance to trick out in a far out landscape with their title Galactic Grinder. Should players get on their board and ride, or is this title a poser?

Galactic Grinder Review

As Rider, the last galactic rider, players will constantly be moving forward in this 2.5D side-scrolling title. The moon, Earth, Helios, Bachus, and a black hole provide the perfect canvas to do some tricks, grind some rails, get a high score, and attempt not to bail out.

Thankfully, Rider has the right tools for the job. Using either a mouse and keyboard setup or a controller (with controller being the development team’s suggested way to play), players will jump (complete with double jump), flip, benihana, and grab like the best of them. Actions are intuitive, and everything becomes second nature as players roll along. There’s even special tricks when one pulls off a full combo!

It can be tricky to nail these stunts when flying a mile a minute, but Galactic Grinder gives players the resources they need to truly make an impact. Each world is dynamic, and memorization goes hand-in-hand with skills – just the thing for those looking to days gone by. A running score will always hold players accountable with their actions, and there are objectives for each run that spice things up. No need to worry if you do end up eating it, however; one can just as easily restart at the press of a button.

Levels do run a bit on the short side in Galactic Grinder, but at the same time they do not overstay their welcome. Clocking in at a few minutes per run, it gives players just enough runway for players to make each stage their canvas. There are plenty of jumps, speed bumps, and other hazards to contend with, but not to the point where it can get overwhelming or unfair.

Rounding things out is a killer aesthetic that pulls from a number of pop culture hits. The protagonist is a dead ringer from the robot in FLCL, the soundtrack features samples from games like Street Fighter, and the hip look channels the best from Jet Set Radio and Lethal League Blaze. It really does make an impact, harkening to an era not often seen in this day and age.

Just be warned that this package is a bit on the light side, with no achievements or additional content outside of each world. There are some worlds with multiple parts, but most players will see everything Galactic Grinder has to offer sooner rather than later.

Oozing with style, Galactic Grinder channels the best score chasers with its skateboarding action. Those who love to gun for the high score – and do it with panache – shouldn’t miss this sleeper hit.

This review of Galactic Grinder was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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