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GASP Review

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GASP is an awful walking simulator that is a huge waste of time. It's lack of focus, deep story, interactive elements, substantial gameplay, and even ending will leave players frustrated.

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Walking simulators are typically set on the third rock from the sun, but Dark Day Interactive’s GASP tasks players with traversing a moon a long way from Earth. Unfortunately, this is one trek that is most certainly not worth taking.

GASP Review

Things aren’t looking so good for the hero of GASP. Stranded on a distant moon, he receives a one way broadcast saying that their air is limited, and help might be found on one of five distant beacons. It’s his job to find the right beacon before time runs out.

Sounds solid enough right? Well, the journey is far, far worse than the destination. For starters, there is absolutely nothing to speak of to see or do between here and there. Other than the amateurishly-voiced broadcast at the beginning, there is no dialog or music to speak of. The only noises to accompany you on your journey is the sound of your own breathing. The moon is a barren place too, with nothing to see but light gray terrain as far as the eye can see. Sure, there might be a hill or a valley here and there, but they don’t require any special strategy to traverse. Each beacon takes upwards of 10 minutes to reach, and with no run button to speak of, players will be holding down “W” until their fingers cramp.

Let’s say you endure the boredom and make it to one of the beacons – what’s there to greet you? If you reach the wrong one, all you get is a radio that you can’t interact with. This means that you’ll have to continue the trek elsewhere, trying to find the next one. It can get aggravating, and it makes you wonder what the point of it all is.

Gasp Review - Gamers Heroes

There’s nothing even to look at. There may be the occasional asteroid flying on by, but there is nothing to interact with or do. It’s not like this is a detailed moon either – the low-poly shapes would be right at home on a budget PlayStation 2 game.

There is a rub to all of this though – you can’t beat the game. If you try making your way to certain beacons, there is an invisible wall that blocks your way. This is a huge middle finger to gamers, as if the developers intentionally wanted to troll people into wasting their time. The fact that you can buy additional DLC on Mars adds even greater insult to injury.

GASP is an awful walking simulator that is a huge waste of time. It’s lack of focus, deep story, interactive elements, substantial gameplay, and even ending will leave players frustrated.

This review of GASP was written based on the Steam version of the game. The game was freely downloaded on Steam.

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