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Give It Up! Plus Review

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Overall - 70%


Give It Up! Plus is brutal, unforgiving, and addictive. Levels start to blend together after a while, but those wrapped up in the beat will be too enthused to care.

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Invictus Games sets out to make an “impossible music game” with their new rhythm title Give It Up! Plus. Featuring more than a dozen beats, a downright brutal difficulty, and a bevvy of blobs, should you set out to find the beat?

Give It Up! Plus Review

A tale as old as games itself, the ultimate goal of Give It Up! Plus is to get to the end of each level. Your character hops along to the beat of the music, moving one square every beat of the song. Those wishing for him to go higher or farther can press a button, which will cause him to go higher and across two spaces.

Sounds simple, right? In execution, the reality is anything but. Players can choose the song they’d like to “perform” to in advance, but all tend to move a bit on the speedy side. It isn’t just a straight shot to the end either – certain stages have raised ledges, bottomless pits, and spikes a-plenty. Hit one of these hazards, and your normally cohesive self becomes a scattered version of himself or herself. Despite this, everything is easy enough to read – it all comes down to reflexes when all is said and done.

There are a few things that have been implemented to make things a little easier. By using coins earned from Daily Challenges or certain stages, players can pay to use certain checkpoints or arm themselves with a shield that blocks an attack. Those who are playing through Give It Up! 2 can also make use of spring spots that fling players to a easier or more difficult section of the level. Make no mistake though – even with all of these allowances, all but the most hardened player will lose on more than one occasion.

Give It Up Plus - Gamers Heroes

If there is one thing that Give It Up! Plus truly excels at, it is the sheer amount of content it has. Made up of Give It Up!, Give It Up! 2, and Daily Challenges, there are dozens of levels players can sink their teeth into. There is no huge difference between the original and its sequel – minor tweaks like stars and the aforementioned springs are in place, but the objective is the same for both, and coins carry over from one mode to the other. Players can also customize their blob with dozens of different variations. Daily Challenges come in Easy, Medium, and Hard varieties, and help to spice things up for those looking for just a taste of the game.

Ultimately, a rhythm game lives and dies by its soundtrack. The one powering Give It Up! Plus skews on the side of techno, but the peppy beats will get stuck in your head and will keep you going. The fact that players can choose the tunes they play to is a definite plus, so those who are less than enthused with some of the tracks can ignore them if they so choose.

Give It Up! Plus is brutal, unforgiving, and addictive. Levels start to blend together after a while, but those wrapped up in the beat will be too enthused to care.

This review of Give It Up! Plus was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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