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Goinund Review

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Goinund’s waves of generic enemies will leave players bored rather than scared. When paired with the brain-dead AI and lack of challenge, you've got yourself a title that overstays its welcome in no time flat.

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The demon onslaughts of Doom and Painkiller have made the jump to Maksim Chudaev’s arena based battler Goinund. There are certainly a lot of targets to take down, but this is one title that lacks the finesse and polish that made its inspiration so great.

Goinund Review

Players are thrown right into the thick of it in Goinund. With the ability to shoot white energy blasts, the entirety of the game takes place on a stone platform located high above the ground. Demons will magically appear out of nowhere, and each and every last one of them wants to take you down. However, ammo is infinite, and shooting down baddies can help players level up, granting them new abilities.

It’s a basic setup, and can be absolutely mindless at times. If anything, the key to victory is to wait in a corner, dodge fire, and blast at everything that comes your way. Abilities like a teleportation move and shotgun blast with cooldown can be unlocked, but none seem to work as well as the default blaster. Waiting in the corner is by far the best move players can make as well – movement is slippery and has the main character flying through the air, chunks of the stage disappear, and the borders of each world do not have barriers, making it easy to fly out. The area was not planned out, lacking any semblance of design or care.

Goinund - Gamers Heroes

If anything, there is no major goal to the game other than to survive. It is fairly easy to unlock everything, with the final upgrade available after just a few minutes of play. There is a kill count at the bottom of the screen, and the game does get progressively harder, but almost everybody will see what this title has to offer in less than 10 minutes. Sure, one baddie may come at you with two blades instead of one, but the creator did not think hard when creating these bland designs.

The main character must be made of tissue paper though, as he is down in one hit. This makes sense with the title’s flying fireballs and nasty falls, but even a simple kick will boot you right back to the title screen. All you get for your efforts is the phrase “you did not become devil,” which makes absolutely no sense – it is the only thing that even comes close to a story or narration in this game. Leaderboards, two-player support, or any other modes are noticeably absent as well, and means that the game has limited replayability.

Goinund’s waves of generic enemies will leave players bored rather than scared. When paired with the brain-dead AI and lack of challenge, you’ve got yourself a title that overstays its welcome in no time flat.

This review of Goinund was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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