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Guilty Summer Kiss 2 – Bloody Secret Review

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Guilty Summer Kiss 2 - Bloody Secret will leave players confused, frustrated, and out seven dollars. It’s a poor excuse of a visual novel, lacking in everything from story to art.

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Fanservice is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives players what they want, but done incorrectly, it comes off as tasteless. Without any sense of tact, Gamenesis’ visual novel Guilty Summer Kiss 2 – Bloody Secret doubles down on the cheesecake, alienating the people it was going after to begin with.

Guilty Summer Kiss 2 – Bloody Secret Review

Starting out, players take control of a faceless, nameless protagonist who has been at a high school for a year. However, everything is not all sunshine and rainbows, as three girls have disappeared and there is an uneasy feeling that lingers in the air.

It’s not like this plot matters though, as the entirety of the title lacks focus and narrative. While wandering around the school grounds, players will come across the pop idol Lisa Nakahara, the scientist Miya Nakahara, the headmistress Nakahara Hisano, and the fiery Tanabe Rei. Don’t worry about memorizing their names or interests though – each character gets around a minute of screen time and has a handful of lines filled with broken English. It’s hard to learn about characters when they each have the depth of a puddle.

Guilty Summer Kiss 2 - Gamers Heroes

Despite all of this, players will get a chance to see every girl in their skivvies. The excuses for them to strip down are downright laughable – it might be too hot outside, there’s a lab experiment that requires less clothes, or they just felt like it. There are a number of choices players can pick from at any given time, but no matter what option is chosen, players will get to see some poorly drawn anime girls. Yes, even the option “I love roofs” will get players the good ending. Some may call it fanservice, but the art is amateur at best.

Those that do try to follow the plot will be absolutely dumbfounded by it all. This may be considered a “spoiler,” but there is something about genetically engineering super spies and body transfers going on at the school, and everybody needs the protagonists’ help. It’s a bit hard to make out, but its short runtime does not do it any favors – we were able to beat this title in around 10 minutes from start to finish. We took our sweet time too – this is absolutely inexcusable for a visual novel that prides itself on its story (or at least we’d like to think so), and its current price point is far too high for the amount of value players will get out of it. There are some different dialog choices players can make, but each playthrough will still be on the short side.

Guilty Summer Kiss 2 – Bloody Secret will leave players confused, frustrated, and out seven dollars. It’s a poor excuse of a visual novel, lacking in everything from story to art.

This review of Guilty Summer Kiss 2 – Bloody Secret was done using the Steam version of the game. The title was purchased digitally.
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