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Hitman Episode 2 Review – The Italian Job

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Overall - 80%


Hitman Episode 2 adds a new locale, weapons, outfits and items to the game. It is technically sound with no frame drops or stutters and the online issues seemed to be fixed, no disconnects here. If you enjoyed the first episode you are going to like the second.

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Hitman Episode 2 takes us to the Italian city of Sapienza for the next hit. Should you take a trip to Italy? Or should you vacation elsewhere? Check out our Hitman Episode 2 honest game review to help you make your choice!

Hitman Episode 2 Review – The Italian Job

Hitman Episode 2 has you going after a mad scientist, his partner and his work. The target is a former client of yours, but he has become more trouble then he is worth at this point. Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis are creating a weapon that will change the way assassinations are done. With the virus they are creating, you can pick a target anywhere in the world and kill them without leaving a trace. They intend to change the way the assassination game is played and quite frankly, that doesn’t work for the Agency. A world full of skill-less assassins who can just click a button to kill a target.

Sapienza is much larger than the original area in Paris. That said you only get this place to play around in and not two like in the previous episode. The city itself is alive with people living their lives without knowing whats going on in the mansion. There are tons to see and exploring often times will reward you will a certain outfit or a new way to kill a target. You may also come across a new opportunity to help you get into the mansion to kill your target. You also have access to a safe house in this level, but it is pretty empty. There is a certain item in there you will want to pick up for an epic kill but other than that it’s just a place for you to hide and plot your attack. The episode ultimately requires more finesse because you need to sneak into the lab for the virus and take out two targets.

As far as gameplay goes it plays just like that last episode. The big difference here is the fact that there are a ton more guards and people floating around the target area. You can’t just enter the front door without the right outfit and a frisk. If you get caught with weapons you can expect a fight, this isn’t new to Hitman but it wasn’t in the last episode. There also is no “super outfit” in this episode for lack of a better term. What I mean if you can’t just get the Sheik’s outfit and run around the whole mansion unquestioned, doesn’t work like that here. Honestly though, that makes it better. Makes you think more and plan your attacks instead of just running around the whole area unchecked.

Hitman Episode 2 Review - The Italian Job

You will get new weapons and toys to play with in this mission as well. There are 26 assassinations challenges to complete in the level. Some of them we saw in the first episode but there are some new ones as well. Ever wanted to kill someone with an ancient cannon? Well you got the option here. How about an exploding golf ball? Yup, that’s an option also. The escalation missions also make another appearance and they are pretty solid all around also. They aren’t as good as the main mission of course but you can get a couple of hours out of it if you are interested.

At the end of the first episode we were introduced to who I assume is the antagonist of the game. This episode doesn’t really do much to explain why he’s involved with the Agency or Agent 47. I am hoping by next episode we at least find something out about this guy so we can start putting the pieces together because I can’t figure out if he is helping or not at the moment. He seems sinister but he could just be another hitman doing his job.

Hitman Episode 2 adds a new locale, weapons, outfits and items to the game. It is technically sound with no frame drops or stutters and the online issues seemed to be fixed, no disconnects here. If you enjoyed the first episode you are going to like the second.

This review of Hitman Episode 2 was done on the PlayStation 4. A game code was provided by the publisher.

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the episodic adventures of Hitman (I’ll never understand why they’re releasing them this way) and I agree with your score of 8 out of 10 – but i’m still not fully satisfied. Little things bother me such as killing a main character like Silvio Caruoso and everyone in the surrounding area is acting normal like nothing happened. I was hoping for dialogue differences when I did things in a different order. My first play through I killed both characters and then destroyed the virus. Second play through I destroyed the virus and then killed the characters. Either way, nothing really changed. Even after I destroyed the virus, the scientists outside the lab pretended like nothing happened. I destroy the prototype for the most innovative virus ever produced and there’s no response? Seemed strange to me. Last negative thing is the storytelling. Is this going to be the pattern? Complete a mission and get a 2 minute cut scene at the end? I’m having a difficult time getting engrossed in the story when there’s only a short cut scene at the end. It doesn’t help that we’re only getting one episode per month. With that said, it’s still a solid mission with solid gameplay. There’s enough variability to keep you entertained for hours especially if you like trying everything out like me. Thanks for the review!

  2. I still don’t understand why they’re putting an episodic way of playing to the game when it isn’t story based at all. It might just to keep the hype trains going, but I still just don’t see the point. Yes, the game is fun and all, but I feel like it’s marketed as a cash grab.

  3. i think all the options to kill the targets and handle the teriary objective are cool. a method for everyone

  4. Honestly, this should be an 9.5/10. This episode is so much more challenging and like you said, requires much more planning than the previous formula and I believe that this is how it should be when it comes to Hitman games. This episode also adds a lot more items to use which allows for creative use which I find is very cool. Lastly, the cliffhanger in the end was very intriguing and already got me hyped for the next episode.

  5. This is good news that you have a much larger area to move around it. Felt suffocating in the first episode. However, only 1 place to play in is a big disappointment. To offset the lack of places, it’s nice that the game offers more gizmos and ways to complete the mission. It certainly offers a bigger challenge than the last, but don’t know how determined one player might be to indulge this for the rest of the episodes.

  6. I remember drum’s stream of this and that one glitch, it was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. The graphics are nice, pretty decent, I would give it a 4/5 potatoes. As for the gameplay and storyline, I guess it’s a pretty okay one, given I’ve never played it myself and have only watched people play the game for me. I agree with your rating!

  7. I don’t mind episodes but it is so disorientating when they release them so far apart. I will wait until they’re all released. Usually I don’t wait if they’re spaced in a logical order. Doesn’t matter what game it is.

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