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Impasto Review

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Impasto has a great premise, but that’s the only thing this walking simulator-stealth hybrid has going for it. A glorified fetch quest at its core, this title is downright insulting to players.

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Inspired by the works of Francisco Goya, Impasto Team, Juggernaut Entertainment, and USC Games force players to use stealth and their wits to survive with their new title Impasto. Does this first-person horror adventure have what it takes to put players on edge, or will players be more tortured than Goya himself?

Impasto Review

Set in 1823 Spain, players take control of Mariano as he sets out to his grandfather Francisco Goya. Exploring his place, players get sucked into a twisted Painted Worldof the city of Zaragoza, which is facing a tough time.

Mariano comes to learn that this area is an artists’ nightmare, one that the Inquisition rules with an iron fist. As it turns out, the King’s Manifesto has brought the destruction of the constitution, mass arrests, and the restoration of the Inquisition. Determined to escape, players seek out a blind guitarist that can show him the way out.

It’s a simple tale, but this walking sim ends up turning more into a fetch quest. While the goal is simple – get out without getting stuck in the painting – the end result merely has players fetching items before things wrap up.

It’s great to get absorbed in a world and learn more about its surroundings – that’s how titles like Bioshock became so popular – but the objectives here are to get two pieces of sheet music and make your grand escape. Don’t worry about it overstaying it’s welcome though; this title can be completed in less than an hour. As a result, it just feels like a laundry list of items – and the constant objectives listed in the top right corner do not make this any better.

Gameplay-wise, it’s absolutely insulting to spend menial time chasing a piece of paper down, only to be told that you need to do so again without any sort of rhyme or reason. There are also a number of stealth elements that have players hiding in the shadows from the Inquisition. Metal Gear Solid this is not; it is far too rudimentary for its own good, and feels more like a stain on its painted world.

What would have been good was to learn more about Francisco Goya’s legacy. This is still done with conversations and the brief item, but there is not enough information to really get a good picture on him. By the time players are done, they’ll know that he was a tortured deaf painter, but will struggle with anything deeper than that.

Presentation-wise, the game leans into the Impasto look. While it is a bit unique in its style, it is far too muddled for its own good. In addition, the voice acting is absolutely atrocious; Jupiter’s lines were clearly read from a piece of paper.

Impasto has a great premise, but that’s the only thing this walking simulator-stealth hybrid has going for it. A glorified fetch quest at its core, this title is downright insulting to players.

This review of Impasto was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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