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Infinite Minigolf Review

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Overall - 60%


Infinite Minigolf doesn't bring the genre to new heights. It doesn't rewrite the book, but what it does it does well. Plenty of customization options, more courses than you'll ever have the time to complete, and endless hours of fun with friends make it well worth the $14.99 price tag.

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Zen Studios’ Infinite Minigolf’s multi-platform release is here. Promising near endless variety, tons of customization options, and enough hole in ones to make even the great Norman Manley’s record seem minuscule. Cute and colorful characters, vibrant themes, and one of the most impressive course creation tools in the genre, is Infinite Minigolf worth the tiny price tag of $14.99? Check out our Infinite Minigolf review to find out!

Infinite Minigolf Review

Infinite Minigolf stays away from the complex nature of its golf sim-like cousins, and instead offers a friendly game of golf in the form of minigolf, crazy golf, or putt putt – depending on where you’re from. While the name changes, the goal remains the same: have a good giggle with friends as you mock each others attempt to avoid ridiculously placed obstacles and dodgy shot angles.

While I’m more of a golf sim fan, I’m not one to shy away from a bit of mindless fun – and that’s exactly what Infinite Minigolf offers. Whether you’re playing solo, joining online tournaments with up to eight other players, or sticking to good ol’ fashioned couch combat, there’s plenty on offer here for fans of a quick pick up and play multiplayer title.

Infinite Minigolf features three distinct environments in which each course is placed: Giant Home, Nightmare Mansion, and Santa’s Factory. Each environment provides plenty of variety with aesthetics and the crazy interactive elements and course obstacles change too. While three different environments may feel limited, any chance of repetition is quickly quashed with the robust and versatile Course Editor.

Infinite Minigolf Course Editor

Using in-game tools, players are free to create custom holes using a huge variety of obstacles and interactive elements like tombstones that block your path on Nightmare Mansion and candy canes on Santa’s Factory. It’s not simply a matter of picking the right angle and avoiding static hazards; plenty of items you can place move around – with some offering ways to reach different areas of the course or skip difficult shots.

Infinite Minigolf Customization

The impressive level of customization options in the Course Editor, which already has over 1,000 courses on day one of its release, extends further into character customization. Winning matches and earning points all goes towards unlocking additional items for your character. From cat t-shirts to a jazzy new haircut, there’s plenty of incentive to keep playing and putting away those balls.

Typically I find myself growing bored of these games quickly. The very basic swing mechanics of drawing back and releasing on the right stick leave very little chance of error but Infinite Minigolf battles complacency with a unique shot reward system. You could hit a hole in one nine times in a row, but if your opponent is able to utilize the various bonuses on the field, you could find yourself thousands of points behind. Gems and other collectibles increase score and multipliers so while your friend may be a dab at a single shot hole in one, taking a more challenging and skillful route often offers far better rewards.

Infinite Minigolf World Records

Adding another layer of challenge and reward is the World Record system. Every hole that is created and uploaded to the game features a High Scores list, with players that reach the higher rankings being handsomely rewarded. It’s a basic feature but there’s something quite special about holding the World Record on a course played thousands of times.

Infinite Minigolf doesn’t bring the genre to new heights. It doesn’t rewrite the book, but what it does it does well. Plenty of customization options, more courses than you’ll ever have the time to complete, and endless hours of fun with friends make it well worth the $14.99 price tag.

This Infinite Minigolf Review was written based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. A digital code was provided.

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