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Isles of Limbo Review

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Isles of Limbo is over before it even begins, offering a basic experience that doesn’t do anything to stand out.

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Tasked with sending wayward souls on their merry way, the action of Argonautics and DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Isles of Limbo throws players into limbo in a quest to destroy all threats. Does this arena-based hack-and-slash bring divine action to players, or is this release more suited for purgatory?

Isles of Limbo Review

Taking control of the guardian Echo, players will navigate three glowing isles in an attempt to destroy all would be threats. Evil flowers, bats, trees, and other baddies are looking to take you down, but never fear – Echo has the right tools for the job. Packing a sword for quick attacks and a hammer for heavy ones, players can make quick work of the opposition in these battlefields with just a matter of swings. A typical WASD setup is used for navigation, while the two mouse buttons are used for attacks – pretty par for the course, but welcome nonetheless.

However, the combat itself is a mixed bag. Though Echo has a dash attack with cooldown and multiple forms of action, the end result feels a little hollow. It is far too easy to take down enemies, with most of the challenge coming from the sheer amount of crap the game throws at players more than anything else. Though there are charge attacks, laser beams, and falling crystals to contend with, the most difficult moments of the game are when the screen is flooded with these grunts. It’s just a shame that there are no bosses or anything else to speak of – these mooks make up the brunt of the game.

The balance on display could use some work too. Echo has a life bar and one life, with defeat kicking players back to the beginning of the game. However, most enemies drop hearts that refill a portion of your health bar. Though we took some abuse near the end of the game, it never got to the point where we felt like we were in any danger. If anything, the first two islands of the three were an absolute breeze, with us disposing of all threats in a matter of minutes without any serious amount of work.

It’s just a shame that there’s not much to this package. Players will be able to finish the three islands and nab themselves the crystal after a scant 10 minutes. Playthroughs do not vary each time, and there are no achievements to speak of. What would be half of a mission in a major release is a full-blown game here, which is somewhat disappointing. While it is free, two more islands would have made all the difference.

Thankfully the audiovisual display of Isles of Limbo is on point. Enemies disappear with a plume of smoke, weapons glow a bright blue, and the levels themselves use a vivid palette. Music sets the stage too, adding to the overall tense feeling of battle.

Isles of Limbo is over before it even begins, offering a basic experience that doesn’t do anything to stand out.

This review of Isles of Limbo was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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