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It’s Kooky Review

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It’s Kooky’s object finding shenanigans are certainly silly, but it is far too simplistic for its own good. Those looking for a challenge best stick with Waldo’s adventures.

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Hidden object games aren’t just for the Sunday funnies anymore; they’re also entering the world of video games with the release of Roshan Nowshad’s It’s Kooky. Filled with unusual and funny beings, should players seek this one out?

It’s Kooky Review

Living up to its title, there is silliness afoot in It’s Kooky’s different worlds. Whether it’s jellyfish with shoes or the odd giraffe, there’s bound to be something out of the ordinary as people look around.

It’s up to the player to pinpoint each of these crazy items across farms, boats, and other locales as they set out to play a clever game of deduction. It’s similar to the Where’s Waldo/Where’s Wally books of old, except this time it’s a bit more on the zany side.

However, those books succeeded in providing a challenge. It’s Kooky is designed for kids, but almost to a fault; it’s far too easy to succeed in this title. There’s just not enough different elements in play to provide a challenge, with solutions blatantly in front of the player. While the challenges gradually ramp up – especially with the overall color scheme – it errs on the side of easy.

To make matters even worse, It’s Kooky offers a number of different handicaps that make things even easier. Need a hint? The title is more than happy to provide a few. Need to switch to dark mode to make things a bit more obvious? The option is just a click away. While these things are more than welcome for those just starting out, this title is not made for millennials – or Gen Z for that matter.

If anything, the title is far too compact for its own good. It’s Kooky gives players a point every time they find something a bit out of the ordinary, with everything unlocking at 245 discoveries. One can easily rack these up, and while most of its suite of levels are locked from the offset, players can see the entirety of this title before too long.

There’s also the chance to race against the clock, with one’s time taken and their best score covered. This might appeal to speedrunners, but it just feels a bit of a mismatch when given the nature of the title.

Those looking to stick with it to the end can see everything in around an hour and a half. Unfortunately, the title lacks replay value; once you know the solutions, it becomes more of a one-and-done type of title. While the development team is adding additional levels, it just isn’t enough.

It’s Kooky’s object finding shenanigans are certainly silly, but it is far too simplistic for its own good. Those looking for a challenge best stick with Waldo’s adventures.

This review of It’s Kooky was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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