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Jack B. Nimble Review

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Overall - 70%


Jack B. Nimble is far from the deepest game around, but what is here is fun in short bursts. Though it may lack variety, it is still an entertaining romp for those looking to whip their way to a high score.

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Noonan.Design looks to Game Boy classics, Castlevania, endless runners, and even nursery rhymes with his new title Jack B. Nimble. Should you be nimble and quick, or is this candlestick a little dim?

Jack B. Nimble Review

The ultimate goal of Jack B. Nimble is to run as fast as you can, as far as you can, all while knocking down candles with your trusty whip. Players are constantly in motion, and both jumping and whipping is done with the same button. It wouldn’t seem like it, but this one-button setup is surprisingly versatile – players can determine how high they jump by how long they hold the button down, and can also whip at the most opportune time.

Despite this, this is a fairly difficult game. Fall into a pit or run into a block, and your run is over. The final score is determined by the distance traveled, the number of candles destroyed, and the accuracy of your run. It is pretty simple, and is more or less a glorified version of Google Chrome’s T-Rex minigame, but it works exactly as it should. If a character bites it, it is often due to lack of skill, rather than the control scheme. Put simply, it is easy to learn and hard to master.

Jack B Nimble - Gamers Heroes

If anything, there’s no shortage of variety. Players can choose from eight characters (including fellow “Jacks” Jack O. Lantern and Jack Frost), 10 color palettes, and six levels. Everything is unlocked through a score pool, but the majority of the title can be unlocked in around an hour. It should be worth noting that the differences between characters is purely aesthetic, and that each stage plays out more or less the same. Sure, one might have grass instead of snow that can slow you down, or a bonfire that speeds things up, but if you’ve seen one of these locales, you’ve seen them all. As a result, this is a game best suited for short bursts – its origins on mobile platforms more or less confirms this fact.

Stat junkies will be pleased to know that Jack B. Nimble tracks a metric ton of data. Information like the amount of time played, the number of candles whipped, your average accuracy, the total distance traveled, the number of deaths, and your high score total can all be found. Some of these metrics are tied to achievements as well, for those seeking bragging rights and the chance to 100% the game.

Jack B. Nimble is far from the deepest game around, but what is here is fun in short bursts. Though it may lack variety, it is still an entertaining romp for those looking to whip their way to a high score.

This review of Jack B. Nimble was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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