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Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master Review

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Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master is not “so bad it’s good” - it’s just a bad game overall. Those looking for a cheesy experience are better off watching any of the terrible movies out on the market today.

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BMC Studios has set out to create a game with time travel, Adolf Hitler, and Jesus in Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master. This game might not be high art, but is it at the very least enjoyable?

Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master Review

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Those who never experienced the original Kimulator have nothing to fear, as the game starts out with a high school-esque news report that explains what happened in the previous title. After the French Canadian Vincent fell at the hands of the Commander (who also happens to be Adolf Hitler), he is revived and is now seeking revenge. As an outside viewer, it is up to you to see him on his journey, guiding what he does at key moments in a choose-your-own-adventure setup.

Interaction is limited to one of two options at key moments, or clicking on specific characters to take them down with your trusty gun. In a sense, it’s not unlike the choices you can make in a Telltale game, but what is here is incredibly basic. Players can choose to flip bottles, shoot Nazis, or do any number of tasks. Don’t expect too much though – though the game has branching paths and game over scenarios, you can complete it in its entirety in around 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, the game overstays its welcome in that short amount of time. Kimulator is somewhat self-aware of how bad it is, making it feel more forced like Sharknado than unintentionally hilarious like The Room or Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Actions are telegraphed, lines are clearly read, the main character doesn’t speak fluent English, subtitles have grammatical errors and typos, and even the cameraman can’t control his laughter at key moments. It can be kind of funny to see somebody wielding a Nintendo-themed backpack, or a slapped-on Hitler mustache, but it’s funny for all the the wrong reasons. For a game that relies on time travel, everything takes place in a park and a backyard. There is an animated Jesus that pops up at key moments, but even that looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint.

Kimulator 2 - Gamers Heroes

To top it all off, completing the game nets you a pitch for somebody’s YouTube channel. This is in incredibly bad form, and feels like a slap in the face. It goes in line with how casual the entire game treats things.

Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master is not “so bad it’s good” – it’s just a bad game overall. Those looking for a cheesy experience are better off watching any of the terrible movies out on the market today.

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