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Long Arm of the Law Review

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Long Arm of the Law lives up to its title with a robotic appendage that is easy to learn and hard to master. Though it merely serves as a proof of concept, we look forward to seeing the future adventures of Motor Rockwell.

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There’s a new sheriff in town with the release of Quality Games’ twin stick shooter Long Arm of the Law. Featuring an extendable arm, grappling mechanics, and rootin’ tootin’ shootin’, should you set out to serve some robotic justice?

Long Arm of the Law Review

In this third person shooter, players will take control of the robotic fellow Motor Rockwell. Bandit robots, including the TnToads, prospectors, and a nasty boss, all stand between him and his robotic arm. It’s up to players to triumph over these threats and save the day.

To dish out justice, players can make good use of his trusty revolver. Shooting is nothing out of the ordinary, using a twin-stick setup many have no doubt seen before. Strafing is the name of the game, and a double jump is also at the player’s disposal to get out of tricky situations. Even so, all enemy attacks are telegraphed and are easy to predict. The main character has a fair amount of health as well, so the odd mistake or two will not cause players to stumble. If all else fails, there is a “Dead Eye”-style mechanic that allows players to zero in on specific targets at the press of a button.

However, Motor Rockwell has a robotic arm that can do a number of nifty tricks. Certain enemies can be grabbed and thrown, and are also used to blow up certain barricades. The arm can also be used as a mode of transportation, and can be latched onto bigger objects. From there, players can use it as a way to pole vault or push. It takes some getting used to, but it can be a thrill to fly through the air without a care in the world. Players will also be able to swing around with reckless abandon, flying around like a makeshift merry-go-round.

Long Arm of the Law - Gamers Heroes

Each section of Long Arm of the Law takes advantage of this robotic arm. Early parts are linear affairs that lead players on a single path, but later areas quickly open up and encourage exploration. Some areas are better than others – the mine cart rides that require players to hit specific targets comes across as a little disjointed, while the search for a set amount of switches is a playground that offers great variety.

Even still, the title is over before it even begins. From start to finish, players will accomplish their goal and save the day in around 40 minutes. There is a boss waiting for players at the end, and there is a fair amount of variety, but this title is more of a proof of concept than a meaty adventure.

Long Arm of the Law lives up to its title with a robotic appendage that is easy to learn and hard to master. Though it merely serves as a proof of concept, we look forward to seeing the future adventures of Motor Rockwell.

This review of Long Arm of the Law was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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