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Lyser Review

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Lyser takes a simple concept and adds a refreshing level of complexity to it. Though it takes a while for things to get going, this puzzle game is an entertaining, if short, way to tax your mind.

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The science of lasers hits the world of Steam with the release of Growfall Games’ Lyser. Tasking players with guiding these beams to different sources, does this puzzle game put your smarts to the test?

Lyser Review

The objective of Lyser is simple – guide the laser beams to the proper circles and light them all up. However, the path between here and there is never a straight line – this focused beam must be bounced on a number of different objects in order to meet its final destination.

This is where the player comes in – a number of objects can be flipped and moved around to make this laser bounce off of things. It’s pretty straightforward – a simple click of the mouse will get the job done, but later stages have a number of different things that can be fiddled around with. When paired with numerous spots that need to be targeted, things can quickly get tricky. Later levels also include objects that can be interacted with in different ways, sliding and flipping every which way.

It’s just a shame that early levels are a bit too easy for their own good. A gradual learning curve is a good thing to have, but the entirety of this title is made up of only 36 levels. In addition, it is easy to grasp the mechanics of the title, even without a single bit of text. Later stages will tax your brain, but a higher difficulty setting would have gone a long way.

However, when things finally do get going, Lyser’s puzzles accomplish what they set out to achieve. One might think the simple movement of an object is child’s play, but there’s a lot to keep track of in this title. The fact that certain sections are out of the way and that the laser has a tendency to bounce off of objects means that there is a lot to keep track of here. However, those that are deliberate in their actions and think things through will solve each puzzle – a satisfying feeling.

The presentation powering Lyser is a pretty basic one, one that will not leave a lasting impression. Multicolored hexagonal backgrounds and a single soft melody are all you get – those expecting something with a bit more flash will be left out in the cold. Nevertheless, the minimalist design choices here come across as clean and admittedly get the job done.

The entirety of the title can be completed in around an hour, depending on how adept one is at solving each puzzle. There are achievements tied to each level (which are signified by both letters and numbers), but it is fairly easy to fully complete this title before too long.

Lyser takes a simple concept and adds a refreshing level of complexity to it. Though it takes a while for things to get going, this puzzle game is an entertaining, if short, way to tax your mind.

This review of Lyser was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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