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Make Me Lag Review

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Make Me Lag might have a one-note premise, but the idea of messing with the framerate of a game to get ahead is a novel one that at the very least serves as a curiosity for even the beefiest of rigs.

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Those who are part of the “PC Master Race” live and die by the amount of frames their rig can push out, but 4H StudioLab wants gamers to think differently with their new title Make Me Lag. Should players show things down, or should players go back to the world of consoles?

Make Me Lag Review

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The odds are stacked against the player in Make Me Lag – a Dragon, a Golem, and a Kraken all stand in the way of you and victory. As the lag hero, it’s up to the player to vanquish these terrible beasts, but there’s a catch – his movements are tied to your average framerate.

In a unique twist of fate, your average FPS at any given time determines your action. Though the game maintains an average 60 frames per second when things are fine and dandy, players must drop frames to do anything other than stand in place. A framerate between 59 to 45 frames allows players to move forward, a framerate between 44 and 25 allows players to jump over obstacles like rocks, and a framerate between 21 and one measly frame allows players to attack.

Needless to say, those with a beefy NVIDIA 2080ti GPU will be at a loss of what to do. There are a number of real-life strategies players can use to come out ahead – running Crysis, opening multiple tabs in Chrome, rendering a video in Adobe Premiere, or even messing with the programming of the game are all viable options in this title. However, those looking to take the easy way out by moving the window around will be scolded by the player and eventually labeled a cheater (with the achievement to prove it) if they continue with those shenanigans.

It’s a unique concept for a game, even if players aren’t hitting buttons to achieve their goal. Adjusting the framerate at any given time serves as one of the most unique control schemes we’ve seen to date, and though there is the potential to make your computer overheat (or at the very least become ornery), we do think that this is a refreshing take.

Those worried that they might break their computer in the long term need not worry, as this is a short title. Vanquishing the three beasts can be done in 10-15 minutes, although there is an additional achievement for those that have really slowed down their machine.

It’s just odd that a game with this type of premise has a presentation that leaves something to be desired. The pixelated artwork looks muddy and roughshod, and though the humor is there, it just feels like the presentation is an afterthought. Also, while this proves to be a fun experiment, it is one that is more of a novelty than anything else. There are a number of Steam comments and YouTube videos that show how to quickly beat this title without too much effort, so those looking for a fresh experience should avoid these “spoilers” the best they can.

Make Me Lag might have a one-note premise, but the idea of messing with the framerate of a game to get ahead is a novel one that at the very least serves as a curiosity for even the beefiest of rigs.

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