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Metal Division Review

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Metal Division does not do anything out of the ordinary to stand out among its peers. It just doesn’t have enough content or variety to entice people, and proves to be an easily forgotten title.

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STEEL-TEAM’s tiny tanks have come out to play in their new multiplayer title Metal Division. Featuring five different modes, five different tanks, and five different tanks, do these small vehicles pack big power?

Metal Division Review

A multiplayer game at heart, players can choose from a number of different modes right from the get-go. No story or plot here – what you’ll find is pure content.

Unfortunately, the options leave something to be desired. The standard suite of options are available – “Deathmatch” and “Team Deathmatch” are what you’d expect from the genre (and are listed as two different modes), while “Base Destroy” is exactly what it says on the tin. “Capture the Flag” is nothing out of the ordinary either, with only the “Headhunter” mode being the most unique one out of the lot. Players have likely seen everything this game has done before, albeit with a lot more polish.

The actual gameplay leaves something to be desired. Before each match, players can choose from one of five different tanks that vary based on health, damage, attack rate, and speed, but this is one title where the fastest options prove to be the best. It’s next to impossible to get ahead with a slower tank, and though there are power-ups that grant a temporary boost of speed, those who choose a slower option will be forced to respawn more than they would care to. Note that tanks can be changed between spawns, so players aren’t locked into a set mode.

Metal Division - Gamers Heroes

It’s just a shame that everything is so uninspired in Metal Division. None of the tanks have any personality to them, maps are sprawling and have names like “Old Temple” and “City,” and all players have the same attack style. It all starts to run together after a while, and even options like adjustments to the score limit, time limit, and players just aren’t enough. There are power-ups to be had, but simply putting in a UFO or a shield for a set period of time does not evoke creativity. It is far too easy to stack these power-ups as well, allowing players to become a deathtrap on wheels for being the fastest tank of the lot.

Those looking to liven things up to go online will likely hit some snags, as options are limited and there is nobody online as of this review. Players can enjoy this title solo with bots, though they do like to gang up against the player any opportunity they get. Different spawn points do not help in the slightest – this is one title where the odds are stacked against the player.

Metal Division does not do anything out of the ordinary to stand out among its peers. It just doesn’t have enough content or variety to entice people, and proves to be an easily forgotten title.

This review of Metal Division was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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