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Miska’s Cave Review

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Overall - 75%


Miska’s Cave is a simple game at its core, but its checklist of challenges and wealth of unlockables will keep players running along.

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With a crystal sword at their side, players will be able to defy the laws of gravity with the release of Soulflee’s runner Miska’s Cave. Challenging gameplay and immense rewards await – should players get ready to explore its depths?

Miska’s Cave Review

In an attempt to escape the titular cave, players must constantly run their way through a gauntlet of enemies. The path to victory is certainly not easy; magicians, bombs, spiked foes, and countless other threats prove to be a thorn in Miska’s side through and through.

However, there are a handful of ways to get an edge. Miska possesses a jump that can shoot her in any direction of her choosing. About to face certain doom on the ground? No problem at all – simply jump up to land on the ceiling. This mechanic, mapped to the left mouse button, works well when pointing with the mouse. In a game that is all about accuracy, movement works as it should.

For those who would rather go on the offensive, Miska packs a few tools in her repertoire. A crystal sword can slash away at foes, but it is not a silver bullet as one would think. Timing is absolutely crucial, as the range is limited and there can be an opening with a poorly timed strike. This might seem like an added element of danger that is out to thwart the player, but it proves to be a welcome addition that encourages smart play. As a result, players must be “in the zone” if they want to travel any distance.

Along the way, players can meet a cast and crew of different people that can offer up different perks and modes. Featuring such roles as “Trainer,” “Musician,” “Reviver,” and “Pimp Rat” (no, really), players will be able to access leaderboards, alternate difficulty settings and modes, betting, and upgrade perks. It doesn’t take terribly long to get the entire ensemble, but collecting the crystals needed to unlock everything will take far more time. From double jumps to magic bullets, each of the things players can unlock greatly change the flow of play and are welcome additions.

If anything, just be warned that the endless mode can end sooner rather than later. By default, players can only take two hits before their character bites the dust. In addition, the threats players will come across from playthrough to playthrough, meaning that one run might be far more streamlined than others.

Other than the aforementioned unlockable leaderboard, there is a healthy amount of achievements to keep players going. Meters traveled, enemies defeated, caves unlocked, and challenges completed might all seem par for the course, but they do encourage players to keep coming back for that coveted 100% completion rate.

Miska’s Cave is a simple game at its core, but its checklist of challenges and wealth of unlockables will keep players running along.

This review of Miska’s Cave was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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