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Monster Truck Drive Review

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Monster Truck Drive is full of wasted potential, and feels more like a college project than anything else. While it may have an interesting concept, no work went into its world, mechanics, or even design.

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Robert Cardona, no doubt inspired by the antics of Grave Digger and other four-wheeled legends, lets players drive a monster truck of their very own in the appropriately titled Monster Truck Drive. However, he has managed to do the unthinkable: he has made the world of monster trucks an absolute bore.

Monster Truck Drive Review

There may be a monster truck that you drive in Monster Truck Drive, but no sort of objectives have been put in place here. Instead, each of the four levels present here are open world without anything to do. That’s not the only thing that’s missing – there is no music, no accelerate button, and no alternative cars to choose from. Players will use the WASD keys to navigate around, trying to keep all four wheels on the ground.

And what a struggle it is. If players get even the slightest amount of air, any semblance of control is thrown out the window. This car has a lot of weight to it, and the poor momentum will have your car upside down before you know it. The game awkwardly adjusts your car to make it rightside up in certain cases, but it more or less goes on autopilot during these times. The fact that there are tons of ramps and bumps in each zone means that players should get used to this mechanic sooner rather than later.

Monster Truck Drive - Gamers Heroes

Each level is pretty uninspired too. The arena is just a dirt patch with some ramps and obstacles randomly strewn about. “Moon” could have been interesting, but it’s far too easy to land topside and the small area makes it tough to navigate. The Hills area had the most work put into it, with some grass textures, but it has all of the detail of an early Xbox 360 game. The final level, Dusk, is just a reskinned Hills at a different time of day.

With nothing to do, the only way to keep yourself entertained in this game is to see how fast you can go with the RPM and KPH meters. There’s a horn, headlights, and three different camera angles, but two of said angles are more or less the same. Even when the farthest zoomed out angle is chosen, it still has a nasty habit of zeroing in on your car, offering little other things to see.

Monster Truck Drive is full of wasted potential, and feels more like a college project than anything else. While it may have an interesting concept, no work went into its world, mechanics, or even design.

This review of Monster Truck Drive was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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