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Montaro RE Review

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Overall - 60%


Those that can look past Montaro RE’s somewhat tasteless scoring mechanic will enjoy an endless runner that doesn’t skimp on the challenge.

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Changing up the usual temples and jungles, JCKSLAP and Sherlerk bring the endless runner genre to the city in their new title Montaro RE. This little shiba has a unique way of getting around – should you guide this four-legged friend on his journey to a high score?

Montaro RE Review

The shiba players take control of is a simple fellow. Jogging along at a steady pace, the only control available is a jump button. No need to control how fast or slow this little dog goes – everything is automatic. It takes some getting used to, but the angle he flies is always the same, making it easy to plan out his trajectory.

Players best pay attention though, as banana peels, open manhole covers, construction sites, and other threats stand in the way. Some threats are clearly marked with cats in hard hats and signage, but a flying crow could very well mean the end of your run. This can get frustrating – a number of areas are set up for players to fail, and hitting a spring-loaded trash can to rendezvous with a flying bird can be frustrating after making good headway. There are also a number of threats that can make your life much more difficult – hitting a sparrow or chicken will cause a flock to rush toward the character. The added challenge keeps you on your toes, sure, but these enemies come at the players at a breakneck pace – it can sometimes feel unfair.

After hitting the turnstyles at the beginning of each playthrough, the cityscapes of Montaro RE are all randomly generated. Though this makes the game unique each time you play, it can also be frustrating. Not knowing what will come up next makes for a deadly proposition.

Montaro RE - Gamers Heroes

To boost your score, players can collect a number of doge coins that dot the landscape. This currency quickly adds up, and long lines of coins makes it easy to rack up your score. Players can also redeem these coins between playthroughs on one of 15 different outfits. These are all cosmetic touches, but if you want to see your shiba friend with a fedora, a santa hat, or goggles, your wish is granted.

There is another way to get points in Montaro RE…and it’s a little skeevy. By timing your jumps near the passing schoolgirls, players can net themselves a point bonus and a panty icon. It’s pretty tasteless, and it is never explained in any form of context or story.

Other than the unlockable outfits, there’s not much content in Montaro RE. The players’ best run and last run are both recorded, but there are no alternate areas, other characters, or online leaderboards to speak of.

Those that can look past Montaro RE’s somewhat tasteless scoring mechanic will enjoy an endless runner that doesn’t skimp on the challenge.

This review of Montaro RE was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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