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mr. Vegan Review

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Overall - 10%


mr. Vegan is an exercise in patience. Collecting endless amounts of fruits and vegetables amidst a backdrop of nothing makes its levels stretch out to an eternity.

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Players will get the chance to ride through arid deserts, busy cities, and the far reaches of outer space in Sulton’s new shmup mr. Vegan. Games in the genre are fairly hard to screw up, but mr. Vegan manages to fail miserably.

mr. Vegan Review

The ultimate goal of mr. Vegan isn’t so much to get to the end of the stage, as it is to collect a series of healthy things. As a bald guy with a beard (presumably mr. Vegan), you fly around on a chili pepper, collecting fruits and vegetables that are flying in the air for some reason. Meteors, cacti, and other things stand in your way, along with pieces of meat that can change the color of the screen into a sickly green.

As it turns out, collecting dozens of objects in areas devoid of enemies or design elements is incredibly dull. Right from the get-go, players are tasked with collecting 45 units of corn, pineapples, melons, and peppers, and are given a few minutes to do so. Fail on your mission, and the tally stops while the stage endlessly goes on. This is kind of weird, as the music stops as well. It’s almost as if the game was left unfinished.

Mr. Vegan - Gamers Heroes

Navigating is done entirely with the mouse, and as a result, can be very sensitive. It is not so much a game where you navigate as one where you just use the mouse cursor to hover over what you need. The lack of a threat takes away any semblance of challenge this title may have had.

There are a few bosses to be found though. They all follow a stock pattern, and a firing ability is in place. There’s not much depth or strategy to them – players can simply click away to take them down.

The 10 levels the game has to offer can be finished in about an hour, with the only variable being the things that can be purchased with the pepper coins earned at the end of each stage. Items include hats that dish out perks, including an increased scrolling speed and the chance to collect certain items twice as fast. Only one can be used at any time, but we strongly suggest choosing the one that helps you complete the game as fast as possible.

Rounding out this title is an absolutely horrible soundtrack. The yelling and thumping beats are obnoxious, and were likely made by an amateur DJ looking to express himself in an avant garde fashion.

mr. Vegan is an exercise in patience. Collecting endless amounts of fruits and vegetables amidst a backdrop of nothing makes its levels stretch out to an eternity.

This review of mr. Vegan was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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