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NickProject Review

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There’s not much to NickProject. The lack of effort that went into everything from the gameplay to the graphics is blatantly apparent, making it an easy pass for even the most diehard fan of top-down shooters.

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Velaris Studio, after watching one too many episodes of Rick and Morty, created the doppelganger “Nick” for their new game NickProject. There’s only one problem – they forgot to create a good game in the process.

NickProject Review

There’s not much of a plot to speak of in NickProject, with the only backstory available being presented briefly via text. A number of Xamo-95 generators have stopped working in the solar system U-248xK, and it’s up to doctor Nick Johnson to find the three batteries and the repair kits to fix it. To do so, he must blast away at blocky bats, blocky ghosts, and blocky creatures with spiky arms.

Said blocky graphics were likely not a deliberate choice. Everything here is very low-poly and low-res, and look like they could have been done in an early PlayStation 1 title. Even the environments were designed with little effort – you can count the polygons on almost every object, and businesses like “Candy Shop” don’t show off much creativity. The small playing field and invisible walls do not do any favors for the game either. This title was designed in Unity, so the development team was certainly not limited by their engine.

NickProject - Gamers Heroes

It’s not like much thought went into the gameplay either. In order to find said batteries, players must take down an endless number of creatures that all rush the player. To dispose of them, Nick must use a shotgun, assault rifle, or other generic weapons with an unlimited amount of ammo to take them down. The thing is, the range on each is terrible – enemies must be close to even make a dent. Outside of a powerful attack that takes down all enemies at once, shooting them down one at a time is the way to go. As you can imagine, this quickly gets tedious.

Those that get all three batteries to the generator will press E and do the whole shebang all over again. There is no score, no bonus objectives, no unlockables – just an endless stream of enemies.

This title is not the hardest one around. Players are given a shield and a life bar, both of which can be refilled with power-ups dropped from foes. Players can also teleport to a certain spot, which features a cooldown mechanic. It can be easy to box yourself in one corner and click your way to victory, one foe at a time.

There’s not much to NickProject. The lack of effort that went into everything from the gameplay to the graphics is blatantly apparent, making it an easy pass for even the most diehard fan of top-down shooters.

This review of NickProject was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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