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Not for Broadcast: Prologue Review

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Not for Broadcast: Prologue provides a fresh experience that pairs original gameplay with a great sense of humor. Though there is a bit of hand-holding, this taste of things to come has got us eager for the final release.

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There’s never a dull moment in the broadcast rooms of the world, as can be seen in NotGames and tinyBuild’s Not for Broadcast: Prologue. Giving players complete control over a piping hot show, should players tune into the National Nightly News?

Not for Broadcast: Prologue Review

In this title, players will fill in the shoes of somebody who has quite the day ahead of him. The person originally set to manage tonight’s news broadcast is MIA, and it’s up to his inexperienced yet capable hands to make sure everything goes smoothly during this heated election season. No need to worry though – the original help is on hand over the phone to make sure things go off without a hitch.

Of course, the steps that go into a broadcast are as varied as the day is long. Players must constantly switch between four different feeds, pick the proper commercials, deal with interference, keep an eye on both the broadcast screen and the master screen, and even censor the odd swear word. Pleasing the audience is key, and players must keep an eye on a colored bar and their segment grade to make sure everything goes swimmingly for those at home. There are a number of rules that must be followed, but players will know them like the back of their hand before too long.

The control panel that players are squarely placed in front of might have a bevvy of buttons and switches, but everything becomes second nature in due time. Help is gratuitously given, with players given a thorough walkthrough and even a countdown during key moments. The ability to use either the keyboard or the mouse is also available, perfect for either those who prefer to play by either sight or by ear. Everything is intuitive and fluid, and the control panel will feel like home once everyone has tuned out.

Of course, a title that specializes in video coverage lives and dies by its footage, and the full motion video found in Not for Broadcast: Prologue hits the mark. Politicians, dance instructors, movie stars, news anchors, and a number of other zany personalities all make the rounds, and the off-kilter humor would feel right at home in Adult Swim’s line-up of programming. It’s certainly not for everyone, but there is no denying that what is here is well-acted and polished to a shiny sheen.

Though this title clocks in at a brief 20 minutes, it proves to be a fast 20 minutes. There is a fair amount of handholding, but this can be forgiven due to this release being a prologue. Just be warned that those expecting a challenge will be at a loss – we were constantly receiving high marks within minutes of play, even after making a handful of minor mistakes.

Not for Broadcast: Prologue provides a fresh experience that pairs original gameplay with a great sense of humor. Though there is a bit of hand-holding, this taste of things to come has got us eager for the final release.

This review of Not for Broadcast: Prologue was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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