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ShineG in the Bullethell Review

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Overall - 20%


ShineG in the Bullethell is a broken game. It's cryptic, repetitive, and full of laughable Engrish. There are countless other shmups on the market today that would be a better use of your time.

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GaluluGame, after making the absolutely dreadful ShineG in the Zombies, is at it again with their new shooter ShineG in the Bullethell. Does this shmup really shine, or is this one a dud?

ShineG in the Bullethell Review

Believe it or not, there is a story to be found in ShineG in the Bullethell. Consisting of some broken English, it can be extremely hard to follow, but it is there for those looking for it. Told in four acts, the game stars Shine, a little girl who is a guide in a special realm. Each act has her wishing for a different thing, and has her encounter a number of girls who also want wishes granted. It’s pretty basic stuff, but it makes absolutely no sense at times. The barebones presentation, complete with black text on a white background, makes it feel like they created certain scenes in Microsoft Word. Put simply, there is no polish to speak of.

Players can only start the game out on Easy, though there are unlockable Normal and Difficult mode as well. Players can choose certain outfits for Shine that affect HP, MP restoration, speed “picking up area,” defense, and damage. Only the most basic outfit is available, with the ability to unlock additional outfits with star points. The thing is, star points are earned in the main game itself, and show up maybe once every hour. With outfits costing 100+ points, it can be a serious grind to get anything at all.

ShineG in the Bullethell - Gamers Heroes

This leads to a distinct disadvantage in the main game as well. All enemies are damage sponges, and the lack of health and magic boosts means that death is imminent. Players can level up mid-game, but this too is handled poorly. The game freezes everything when this happens, and forces players to make an incremental upgrade to obtuse stats like “through” and “quantity.” It’s not like these do much good though, as the game is fundamentally broken. There is the ability to vary your rate of fire through magic orbs gathered, but this is cryptic and most of the firing rates don’t even clear the entire screen.

There’s not much to see in this game either. Each of the game’s four acts takes place in the exact same set of levels, with only some enemy placement different between them. There is a standard rate of fire, and also a slash attack that can cut through bullets. This leaves you at a distinct disadvantage though, if only because of the bevvy of bullets that fill the screen at any given time. There is no rhyme or reason to the enemy or bullet placement, and only those who grind will come out ahead. It’s not like there is much to see though; the game can be finished in its entirety in less than two hours.

ShineG in the Bullethell is a broken game. It’s cryptic, repetitive, and full of laughable Engrish. There are countless other shmups on the market today that would be a better use of your time.

This review of ShineG in the Bullethell was written based on the Steam version of the game. The game was purchased digitally.

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