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Peekaboo Lite: Hide and Seek Review

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Overall - 30%


Peekaboo Lite’s hide and seek premise looks good on paper, but the awkward execution and hardcore paywall kills any of its potential.

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Everybody’s played Hide and Seek at one point in their lives – it’s a schoolyard tradition at this point. However, Redaster Studio kicks things up a notch with their new title Peekaboo Lite: Hide and Seek. Does this digital version do enough to shake up the formula, or has this game stayed the same for a reason?

Peekaboo Lite: Hide and Seek Review

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This PvP game features two main roles for players to dive into: props and hunters. These two are wildly different between the two, each with their own playstyles and objectives.

Those who have played any FPS in their life will know all too well what to expect with the hunters. Featuring your typical WASD setup, players will wield AK-47s, M16s, and even Mossberg’s as they traverse their world for its prey. Controls are somewhat sluggish and the hopping is pretty limited, but what is here gets the job done.

However, the real hook of the title lies in its hunters role. These players serve as prey for the hunters, but secrecy is key. As a prop, players can take control of toilet paper rolls, barrels, and any sort of objects in an attempt to blend into its world. It is imperative that players be sneaky, as a few shots from the hunters can lead to an early demise.

This struggle might seem like an interesting premise, but the execution manages to make far too many missteps. For one, the hunters’ hunt proves to be just a bit too awkward for its own good. Though people are on a team, it can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There are a few tools like radars and traps that can be used to smoke enemies out, but it just isn’t enough. When paired with its “hot” and “cold” meter, you’ve got a recipe for frustration.

The props don’t have it much better. These items also have their own arsenal of tools, but simply hiding from enemies just isn’t fun. There is the ability to stand rightside up, but it often feels like one is tidying up.

Unfortunately, these faults get that much worse when it comes to Peekaboo Lite’s paywall. Gems and coins rule its world, with practically everything costing money. The game constantly likes to remind you what is for sale, and props can even gain an advantage if they put down some coinage to get ahead. It feels cheap, and it doesn’t make players want to continue when it’s constantly shoved down your throat.

Those hoping to not pay a cent will be severely limited as to what they can do. Only one weapon and one character is available, and even the lone map will be drawn out before too long. There’s no achievements to speak of either, limiting its replayability.

Peekaboo Lite’s hide and seek premise looks good on paper, but the awkward execution and hardcore paywall kills any of its potential.

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