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Project Cars Review

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Overall - 80%


Overall Project Cars is a good racing game with a few minor issues. If you are a sim racing fan I think you should pick this up and give it a try!

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Project Cars looks to bring sim racing to a whole new level on next gen. Is the track worth racing on, or should you just sit in the pit stop? Check out our honest game review and make your choice!

Project Cars Honest Game Review

First off, let me just say that when it comes to sim racing, I am pretty bad. I’m the guy who goes off course in nearly every race and will try to knock anyone out of the way to get first. With that said Project Cars was pretty easy to get into once I got the hang of it.

When you start Project Cars you will most likely start in the career mode. Here you will be able to start a racing career on Go Karts. You don’t get to make a character or anything like that, just name, nickname, car number and nationality. You can skip right to the big boy driving by going to Tier 6 or lower but you will miss out on some gold medals that way. I really do recommend starting in Tier 8 and Go Karts so you can get a feel for the game and the AI.

After you pick you will start to race. At first it is pretty much just Go Kart race after Go Kart race. As you get more and more wins you will unlock events that you can join in for more medals. These will change up what car you are using and how many opponents you will be going against. Some of them are laps while others are endurance races that could last upwards of 24 hours. The goal is to get as many medals as you can to get new sponsors and move up the tier list. Once you move to tier 6 from tier 8 you will have cars instead of Go Karts.

I really like what they did with the difficult levels in this game. If you are bad at racers you can put the AI on really easy and still feel like you are making progress. On the other hand you can put them on super hard and question if you should even have a drivers license. It might take a bit of time but you can typically find that sweet spot where you are being challenged, but NOT blown out. The same can be done to the length of the race. You can reduce it to two-three laps or increases it to 5+ (or 2 hours instead of 5 hours). I think this is a very smart move to help new comers trying out sim racing.

I do have to knock it for lack of customization. Getting gold medals is great and all but I like to have something to work towards. I like to find a car and think “Oh yes that’s the one I am saving for.” All cars are unlocked from the get go and you can just choose which one you want to use in a race, assuming the race has multiple cars. This also effects certain races because you won’t be used to certain cars since you have been using a Go Kart for 10 races. I know that this won’t be a big deal to everyone but I think a racing game should have car upgrades and cars you can buy.

When it comes to actual racing the cars handle great. If you are going to face and try to suddenly stop you best believe the back end is going to spin out a big. Same can be said about taking a turn to sharply or trying to ram an opponent of the road. The AI will always drive clean from what I’ve seen, but if you hit them wrong you can expect to be ruined for it. The weather in the game also looks great. If it is raining then you can expect a super slick track and when it is sunny you can get a glare that makes it hard to see in front of you.

Project Cars Honest game review

The game overall looks fantastic. The cars look great and you can check out various details in the photo mode. The sound is also great in the game. The menu music get you amped up and ready to race. The cars and Go Karts have the epic engine sounds that make you feel like you are actually in the race. This is just me nit picking but the music volume is way to loud at the start of the game so be sure to turn it down a bit.

The multiplayer is pretty basic, but it works. You pick a track, type of car, weather and number of laps. I had a few issues connecting but I don’t know if it was my internet or the servers. Once I got in, the game changed a lot for me. AI will drive clean and never try to hit you. Other players, on the other hand, will treat the game like GTA and try to bust you up. I saw a Formula B car literally lose a wheel one time because we all rammed it. Just expect some dirty players online and you will be fine.

I did come across a couple glitches that I will note here. One time I had a car literally one top of another car just driving all casual like as I passed on by. They managed to get second and third and I have no idea how the winner of the two was chosen but it was funny to see. Another time I passed a guy and he just drove right through me, like I was a ghost or something! Of the about 15 hours I played I only came across these two glitches so it isn’t that bad.

Overall Project Cars is a good racing game with a few minor issues. If you are a sim racing fan I think you should pick this up and give it a try!

This review of Project Cars was based on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. A review code was provided by the publisher.

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