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Pupperazzi Review

Overall - 75%


The idyllic, low-stakes world of Pupperazzi is one that budding photographers can easily be lost in. The laundry list of objectives can weigh on even the most devout pupper lover, but it is still worth a go for those looking for a breather.

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A dog’s life never looked so good in Sundae Month and Kitfox Games’ Pupperazzi. In what could very well be the world’s first dog photography game (please, please correct us if we’re wrong), is this title worth your while or for the dogs?

Pupperazzi Review

The life of a pupperazzi is an idyllic one. In its brightly colored low poly world, there are countless dogs eager for you to paint them in the best light with the perfect shot. There’s something in it for players too – clout. By posting images to the social media site dogNET, one can build up followers, please His Majesty, and unlock new tools by collecting golden borks (basically golden bones). There’s also the chance to unlock a number of new areas, including wildlife parks and metropolitan cities.

There’s a steady flow to Pupperazzi, one where players fulfill objectives, unlock new gear, explore a new zone, and repeat. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect shot – one must adjust their angle, film, lens, and even clothing options to make sure they win over the hearts of the Internet. One can certainly speed things along though; in this dog-feed-dog world, it’s perfectly fine to use the flash of a camera to make them dizzy or pet them for some goodwill. If one doesn’t follow these general guidelines, those online will revolt; after all, nobody wants to be accused of spam or of being unimaginative.

Unfortunately, things can get fairly repetitive before too long. The grind to build up followers is real, and a never-ending laundry list of tasks feels more like work than play. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a selfie of a dog, but cleaning up trash in a skate park to make sure the dogs can play is less than ideal. It oftentimes feels like you’re at the beck and call of those that need things, and while one can ignore them and simply play with the doggos, they won’t be able to see everything this title has to offer if they do so.

There is a steady stream of unlockables in Pupperazzi to keep players going though. Revisiting the same area multiple times is encouraged, as new gear and new times of day keeps things fresh. Each environment is a bit on the small side, but players will know them like the back of their hand before too long. Just be warned that things are a bit on the simple side; there are some hooks like a geyser that shoots in the air or a lighthouse, but things can border on simplistic at times.

The entirety of the title can be completed in a few hours, but there are a few achievements and the puppypedia that spice things up. By taking shots in midair, dressing dogs up with hats, glasses, collars, and shoes, and even taking pictures of the humanorphs, there’s a bit more to do.

Just be warned that this title is not without its bugs. There were times where we lined up a shot that didn’t register with an objective, and other times where the game crashed on us. These are far from dealbreakers, but are still something to keep in mind.

The idyllic, low-stakes world of Pupperazzi is one that budding photographers can easily be lost in. The laundry list of objectives can weigh on even the most devout pupper lover, but it is still worth a go for those looking for a breather.

This review of Pupperazzi was done on the PC. A digital code was provided by the publisher.
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