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Real Life Battle Royal: It’s gonna be an… EPIC game Review

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Real Life Battle Royal is an obnoxious affair full of in-jokes to amuse the developers and make a quick buck.

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There are a metric ton of battle royale games out there, but none where you guide a streamer through a battle royale…until now. Bmc Studio tries something new with their new FMV title “Real Life Battle Royal,” but the end result is a lackluster attempt at the art of storytelling.

Real Life Battle Royal: It’s gonna be an… EPIC game Review

Those who have yet to play a battle royale game are filled in from the get-go with a brief history lesson about how kids love battle royale titles. Interspersed with overweight shirtless kids smacking themselves with spoons, camera tricks, the word cancel, and a tasteless joke that is capped off with YOLO, not even the dramatic music can hide at how terribly designed it is. The goal was to show the popularity of the genre of the laugh, but the end result is an in-joke with no punchline. Anybody old enough to play through this game will feel a high amount of “cringe” at its delivery.

This cringe carries itself through most of the game. Set up as a Twitch-like interface, the streamer playing “Real Life Battle Royal” chats with “fuckingloser69” for the duration of the game. All of the standard elements are there; the streamer introduces himself, boots the game up, customizes his player, and hits the battlefield.

It’s just a shame that they had no budget when they made this. The colorful worlds of Fortnite and other titles in the genre are MIA here – rather, all they could scrounge up was a handful of houses and a snowy forest. While it is true that they are going with the real life angle here, no attempt to add any sort of professionalism is here. LIghting is poor, clutter is everywhere, and the only prop they could find is a backpack shaped like an NES controller. There is also no attempt to muffle background noise, and the mixing is completely off. The absolute bare minimum of effort was made here, and though it might be “countercultural” to do something like this, it does not leave a good impression.

Real Life Battle Royal - Gamers Heroes

There is a bit of choice in Real Life Battle Royal, but most of the game devolves into watching things unfold. One can tip the streamer off about an oncoming threat, tell them to fight or go in guns-a-blazin’, or can even donate a dollar. There is a right and a wrong way to play the game though – those that don’t make the correct choice are booted back to the beginning of the title. We hit some bugs when this happened too, but those with a bit of patience will be able to finish.

Don’t expect this game to take too long though – amidst all of the banter the streamer dishes out, the entirety of the game can be finished in around 15 minutes. It’s certainly true that quality beats quantity, but the title just doesn’t have either one.

Real Life Battle Royal is an obnoxious affair full of in-jokes to amuse the developers and make a quick buck.

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