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Rekt: Crash Test Review

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Overall - 60%


Rekt: Crash Test will appeal to score chasers, but the lack of content in this teaser means that it's over before it even begins. It could use a kick of speed, but what is present now is serviceable enough for those looking for arcade-like thrills.

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Players will be able to live out all of their high octane dreams with the release of Little Chicken Game Company and No Gravity Games’ arcade-like title Rekt: Crash Test. Should players get behind the wheel, or is this title a wreck?

Rekt: Crash Test Review

A score chaser at its core, Rekt: Crash Test has players entering the Stunt Arena to do mad tricks and earn rewards. Its land of ramps, boxes, and loop-de-loops is at your disposal, and players can earn points by drifting, flying through the air, finding presents, and driving around on two wheels. The longer you do each skill, the more points players can earn – seems simple enough, right?

Using a formula akin to the one found in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a noble effort, and this title manages to somewhat maintain the same momentum. Flying around with the WASD keys doesn’t quite have the same impact as Tony’s skateboarding adventures, feeling somewhat floaty. Players are able to stop on a dime with a press of the space button, but it lacks the same fluid nature of the more established titles that are in the space today. More tricks, or at the very least more danger, could have greatly added to the excitement.

That’s not to say Rekt: Crash Test should be written off; far from it. The score chasing aspect is alive and well, and racking up points to unlock cars offers just enough incentive to keep going. It is also a race against the clock too, and time extension power ups can be found dotting the landscape. The core gameplay loop is alive and well, and those who can stomach the slower pace will appreciate what this title has to offer.

At the end of each run, players can see their biggest combo, the number of combo flips, the number of combo spins, and their highest jump, among other factors. For those looking to ramp up those numbers, these offline leaderboard stats will appeal to them.

Unfortunately, as a “Crash Test,” this title is somewhat lacking in content. Only two cars are available, with one of them unlocked after earning a paltry 10,000 points. There is a practice mode and a party mode with support for up to four players, but we were unable to find anybody online in the case of the latter. Players can also upgrade the speed, flip, boost, and grip of their car, but everything can be maxed out before too long. This release is also lacking in stages too, with only the arena available in this version.

It should be worth noting that the full release of Rekt will feature dozens of cars, four stages, and other additions. As a taste of things to come, Rekt: Crash Test serves its purpose, but it is an overly barebones demo at its core, even lacking any sort of achievements.

Rekt: Crash Test will appeal to score chasers, but the lack of content in this teaser means that it’s over before it even begins. It could use a kick of speed, but what is present now is serviceable enough for those looking for arcade-like thrills.

This review of Rekt: Crash Test was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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