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Rez Infinite Review

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Rez Infinite is an audiovisual treat all gamers should experience at least once. It might not be the longest or most in-depth game out there, but it aesthetics are practically unrivaled in this day and age.

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After releasing on the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and even Dreamcast, Enhance is bringing their trippy shooter Rez Infinite to the PC. Should you feel the beat, or is this track played out?

Rez Infinite Review

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Rez Infinite’s world is one of geometric shapes, bright colors, and a steady beat. At its core, it is a rail shooter akin to Star Fox or Panzer Dragoon – you control a reticule, and can lock on to up to eight enemies or targets can be locked on to at a time. It’s not just about shooting down enemies and projectiles though; timing your shots just right adds to the beat of the song. When played well, it’s an audiophile’s dream come true – the soundtrack is incredible and gradually builds as you play through each “Layer” of the zones. Each one then ends in a multi-form boss fight, complete with a bombastic climax.

Though the targeting takes some getting used to, getting in the zone makes it feel like you’re an unstoppable DJ. Controller support is available, but using a mouse makes the game flow much better and is far more accurate. Those unacquainted with each area may have to deal with their fair share of cheap shots, but this is one game with an arcade nature that begs for repeat playthroughs. Those who just want to go with the flow are covered too with the game’s “Travelling” mode – a welcome addition for those just starting out.

Players are judged at the end of each area by the number of enemies taken down, along with a number of other parameters. A score attack mode is also unlocks after completing each Area as well. The hunt for a perfect run is always there, and though the game can be completed in a few short hours, the replayability is high.

Rez Infinite - Gamers Heroes

Those who have previously played Rez will be pleased to know that Rez Infinite includes a number of new features. The bump to 4K visuals is just the start – there is also the ability to play the game in the VR space with the HTC Vive or Oculus. Though it was not tested at the time of this review, this added support for multiple VR platforms is welcome. The “Digital Deluxe Edition” also includes the soundtrack and other goodies, which will no doubt be a hit for those looking to host their next video game-themed rave.

There is also the brand new “Area X” that was added to the game. Players are given more free reign over an area, with the on-rails nature of the main mode replaced with an expansive world. Players can speed up or slow down in a 360 space, taking down enemies and advancing to the next area. It’s a slight change from the norm, and is less focused, but it is still worth a playthrough for diehard fans of the series.

Rez Infinite is an audiovisual treat all gamers should experience at least once. It might not be the longest or most in-depth game out there, but it aesthetics are practically unrivaled in this day and age.

[infobox style=’success’ static=’1′]This Rez Infinite review was written based on the PC version of the game. A digital code was provided by the publisher.[/infobox]

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