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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review

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Overall - 80%


Sometimes these remasters don't go over to well but I think this one is a winner. Overall this game is still solid and if you haven't played as a super powered Saint yet you really should.

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The Saints invade the White House in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. Is it the game worthy of the name Saints? Or should the crew hang up its guns and move on? Check our our honest game review and make your choice!

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review

In Saints Row IV Re-Elected you play as the President of the United States. You start off with a bit of Seal Team 6 action before moving on to some politics in the White House. It doesn’t take long for an alien race called the Zins to attack you and your friends. After you attempt to fight them off and go through a bizarre simulation you are left with only one option, revenge. In order to beat back the Zins you will need to rescue your fellow Saints who are trapped in their own simulations. After you do that you can finally bring the fight to Zinyak, the leader of the Zin forces.

While you are helping out your teammates you will be doing other missions along the way. Most of these are the typical, go here and kill X, or go here and defend Y for X amount of minutes. After awhile it gets tedious but the game does make fun of itself for doing this over and over which will give you a chuckle. One of the games strengths is it never takes itself seriously so neither should you. While you are doing these missions you will unlock 4 special powers that you can use against your enemies. You get a blast, slam, telekinesis and a fire aura that you can shoot fire bullets with. You will get about 8-10 hours out of the main story.

Between all the story missions you will have a ton of side content to do. Each of your Saint partners will have side quests you can do to help them get stronger. You can also search for collectible orbs to strengthen your powers and sprint or jump. Outside of that there are dozens of challenges on the map to do. These range from super power fights, insurance fraud and the classic Genki game show. You can easily lose yourself in this side content for hours on end.

While you are going doing your missions you can call you Saint allies to help you out. The AI isn’t all that helpful but thankfully they don’t get in your way that often either. If you are looking for help you can play co op with a buddy for some good laughs. The entire campaign is Co op and in my opinion the game is better if you are playing with a friend. I mean killing aliens alone is fun but when you clear out an entire platoon with a couple super powered
Presidents it feels good.

Since this is a remaster the game hasn’t changed much. It looks okay for a PlayStation 4 game and it still plays well. It also comes with all the DLC weapons and the Enter The Dominatrix DLC. They really went crazy with the weapons and it paid off. You will be using a Beam Sword, Dubstep gun, Blackhole launcher, tons of alien rifles and SMGs and The All American, A mini gun flamethrower rocket launcher all mixed into one. Oh and did I mention you get to use a Mech suit? Yeah you do.

Sometimes these remasters don’t go over to well but I think this one is a winner. Overall this game is still solid and if you haven’t played as a super powered Saint yet you really should.

This review of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected was done on the PlayStation 4. A review code was provided by the publisher.

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