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ShineG in the SeaFight Review

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Overall - 10%


So much is wrong with ShineG in the SeaFight that it’s a wonder it even got the green light on Steam. Forget about any semblance of strategy or logic - this is one broken game.

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Horde modes typically have you squaring off against waves of intelligent baddies, requiring quick reflexes, careful planning, and a little bit of luck to survive. GaluluGame’s ShineG in the SeaFight’s Horde-like structure, on the other hand, requires absolutely none of that.

ShineG in the Seafight Review

It can be a little confusing going in to ShineG in the SeaFight, if only because it wasn’t fully translated and nothing makes sense. Before heading out to sea, players must pick out a main artillery, along with three different forms of equipment. Each of these elements is based off of its power, speed, defense, ammunition, and “radar range,” but all of that goes out the window once you actually take to the water.

You see, this is one game that requires absolutely no strategy. Waves of enemies will rush at the player at the sea, and the ultimate goal is to take them all down in one piece. The thing is, there is an automatic gun that does all of the work for you. Players can literally walk away from the game for minutes at a time and come out victorious. Sure, if you want to play it, you can fire away and click around, but the braindead AI and this feature make it all seem pointless. Players can try and increase their “scoer” by using this method, but without any leaderboards, incentive, or even different scores based around different strategies, there’s really no point.

ShineG in the SeaFight - Gamers Heroes

The development team attempted to add some depth to the game with its EXP and leveling system, but it’s a cryptic mess that doesn’t offer any measurable improvements. By surviving enough waves or taking down enough enemies, players can amass points, which can be spent on perks. Some make sense, like “hp” that replenishes your health. However, there are others like “devil spokesman” and “bloody mess” that didn’t offer anything significant. There are three options to choose from, and these three are all random. Occasionally you’ll get two of the same option to choose from amongst the three choices, so it’s easy to see that this was not designed with care.

After completing a series of waves (which can automatically be done all at once by spamming a button), players are kicked back to the main menu, where they can do the same thing again, albeit with more waves. This cycle continues ad infinitum, with five more waves added each time. Players can unlock pictures of anime girls in bathtubs and other works of art, but there is not much to keep players coming back to the grind.

So much is wrong with ShineG in the SeaFight that it’s a wonder it even got the green light on Steam. Forget about any semblance of strategy or logic – this is one broken game.


This review of ShineG in the SeaFight was written based on the Steam version of the game. The game was purchased digitally.

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