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ShineG in the Zombies Review

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We didn't think it was possible, but ShineG in the Zombies beats out One Way Trip as the worst game Gamers Heroes has played this year. Save your $1.99 and don't believe Steam's lies - this game is awful.

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Have you ever let morbid curiosity get the best of you? After seeing that the awfully titled “ShineG in the Zombies” got a “Positive” review score average on Steam, we at Gamers Heroes had to see if it was too good to be true.

Those reviews were blatant lies.

ShineG in the Zombies Review

At its most basic level, ShineG in the Zombies has a formula gamers will be familiar with. You take control of a little blonde haired girl in a skimpy outfit, and must survive an endless wave of zombies. That’s it – there’s nothing else to speak of plot-wise.

To survive this enemy horde, our hero can equip a number of different guns found in vending machines throughout each level. At the beginning of each game, players can choose from a helper that can fire rockets, lasers, or grenades, with the more powerful ones locked behind “star points.” Of course, you can go without with the “Not need. I’m strong” option. Killing enemy zombies (or at the very least firing at them) nets you cash, which you can use to buy new guns, “Heals,” and unlock new rooms. After unlocking a room that looks the same as the previous one you were in, you do the same thing over again ad infinitum. The game is essentially a survival horror title designed to see how far you will tolerate it.

The idea of inventory management and strategic purchases might sound good, but it’s far too easy to break the game. For one, the game essentially plays itself at points. Simply hunker down with the right helper and let them do all the work, reaping loads of money in the process. Though inventory is limited, some weapons are clearly better than others.

The gameplay itself has some truly horrendous moments too. Our hero has a roll that doesn’t work most of the time, cannot duck, and cannot jump. What she can do is walk left, right, and make the same shrieking sound bit. Additional weapons in the form of “FreeBombs” are available, but all zombies have the same strategy to defeat them.

ShineG in the Zombies - Gamers Heroes

Speaking of the zombies, there’s no character, rhyme, or reason to them. They simply spawn from the ceiling, and run forward. You can’t headshot them, trick them, or do anything else but shoot them or run into them. Though it is easy to get hit, HP is automatically regenerated, making it seem like an exercise in futility…and boredom.

Rounding out the package is an absolutely horrendous localization rife with Engrish, typos, and buttons that don’t work. The menus are garish, the text is full of gibberish, and it is just an unpleasant experience overall.

We didn’t think it was possible, but ShineG in the Zombies beats out One Way Trip as the worst game Gamers Heroes has played this year. Save your $1.99 and don’t believe Steam’s lies – this game is awful.

This review of ShineG in the Zombies was written based on the Steam version of the game. The game was purchased digitally.

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