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Slappyball Review

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Slappyball turns the game of volleyball on its head, adding arcade-like elements and zany gameplay into the mix. Though the controls are floaty and the microtransactions gratuitous, this still proves to be a fun party game.

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The game of volleyball gets a lot more slap-happy with the release of Goin’ Yumbo Games Slappyball. Swapping out players for oversized hands, is this three-on-three sports game an ace?

Slappyball Review

Those who have spent some time on the beach are no doubt familiar with the rules of volleyball. Being true to its video game roots, Slappyball changes up the core foundation of the game for its rendition. Six-on-six teams are cut down to three-on-three, players can hit the ball an unlimited amount of times, balls bounce off of walls, and the point system has been adjusted ever-so-slightly. There’s also a point circle on each side, which dishes out three points if the ball lands in it. It goes for the NFL Blitz and NBA Jam-style approach of sports games, and it pays off in dividends.

Perhaps the biggest change comes in the players themselves. Who needs to be tall when you’re a giant hand – each character is five fingers of absolute glory, one that can smack the oversized balls every which way and jump high into the air. With a grunt of each jump, the game lays on the slapstick thick, never taking itself too seriously. The cheesy announcer is icing on the overall package, coming across as zany throughout.

The control scheme of Slappyball is fairly straightforward, featuring normal hits, set hits, slap hits, and diving hits. Players are able to double jump, air dive, lean back, and do a soft stop. However, controls do come across as a bit awkward, with players flying every which way. It can sometimes be hard to line up a shot, simply because one’s character is facing the wrong way or is floating in the air like a trash bag in the wind. It’s far from a deal breaker, but it doesn’t feature the tight controls many players are no doubt used to by this point.

To keep players slapping in Slappyball, there’s a number of modes one can dive into. After starting out with the tutorial, players will also be able to dive into its Exhibition Mode against the AI, Freeplay, and its Online Mode. We were unable to find anybody to play with in the case of the latter, but we still appreciate the offer.

Players can also make their perfect hand through a number of different options. Customization runs deep, with players being able to adjust one’s color, jersey number, headwear, face, face accessory, thumb ring, and more. It can be a bit of a grind to unlock everything, and the Slappycoin price is a bit steep, but we do appreciate the options nonetheless.

Just be warned that the game has a fair amount of microtransactions. Players can get up to 40,000 Slappycoins for $19.99, and though the game is free-to-play, there is also a premium version that includes additional perks.

Slappyball turns the game of volleyball on its head, adding arcade-like elements and zany gameplay into the mix. Though the controls are floaty and the microtransactions gratuitous, this still proves to be a fun party game.

This review of Slappyball was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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