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SPAGHET feels like an inside joke that has no punchline. Even though there is not much to the gameplay, what is here feels like it was thrown together and does not always work as it should.

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Torrey Daniel and TD Indie want players the world over to keep a nice plate of spaghetti warm in the distinctly unique horror-themed slap-em-up SPAGHET. Though this concept has never been done before, is there a good reason why this game was created?


The concept of SPAGHET is a simple one – players must look at the plate of “spaghet” to figure out the proper slap sequence. To do so, players must click the left and right mouse buttons to make the plate go squish and raise the temperature meter. However, screwing up the order forces players to punch the spaghet, cooling it down in the process. If your temperature meter empties out, the spaghet freezes and it’s game over. It’s a simple control scheme, almost too much so, and the silly antics come off as more of an inside joke that you are not privy to.

There’s an added element to the game though, with an ever-present threat lurking in the shadows. Depending on your playthrough, this threat could be something like a giant teddy bear or a crazy girl. In order not to be spotted, players must duck out of site, either on the current side of the counter or the opposite side. If you are spotted, however, you are dead and it’s game over from there. The ultimate balance of the game is to save your hide, all while keeping your plate of food warm.

SPAGHET - Gamers Heroes

It’s far harder to achieve than you may think though. There is a visibility meter that warns you of any upcoming threats, but this is not always reliable. Certain moments also saw us getting caught, even when we were clearly on the other side of the counter. The spaghet slapping was straightforward enough, but there would be a lag when we would do multiple mouse clicks in succession. As a result, we felt like there was some disconnect to the gameplay.

With all of these elements in play, the ultimate goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. From what we saw in our playthrough, it never ends, and the lack of things to do does not make us want to keep playing. It should be worth noting that a leaderboard is in place, though the current best time sits at 30:34, which is somewhat telling.

SPAGHET feels like an inside joke that has no punchline. Even though there is not much to the gameplay, what is here feels like it was thrown together and does not always work as it should.

This review of SPAGHET was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
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