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Strange Creatures Review

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Official Score - 30%


The endless checklists and pandering gameplay of Strange Creatures makes it an easy pass, even for those desperate for a new co-op multiplayer title.

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The Cat & Fiddle Games Team takes some creative liberties with some of our favorite pets with their new couch co-op title Strange Creatures. With support for up to four players and a number of odd powers at your disposal, do these creatures deserve your love, or are they just a bunch of pests?

Strange Creatures Review

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The moment you boot up this title, you just know that things are a little…off. With species like the cataconda, bullfrog, and lecko, these hybrids are unlike anybody has ever seen before. It’s not just for show though; each of these creatures has abilities that dip into the bizarre. Whether that be an extended neck or ravenous eating (and barfing), there’s something for those from a wide variety of temperaments.

It’s just a shame that the game is just so dreadfully dull. Players can either do this title solo or team up with three others as they set out to escape a lab. As players venture from locales like the testing bay, the cargo bay, and the med bay, they must use their abilities to do some light puzzle solving to get to the next area.

The problem with this is that the puzzles are borderline insulting. Opening a door is as simple as pressing a big red button, and even more challenging puzzles involving batteries have their final resting place just a few steps away. It’s telling when the absolute worst case scenario one can find in this game is a red ball attack…which immediately respawns you five feet away. This title was clearly designed for children, so those who have moved on to E10+ titles should steer clear of this one.

Strange Creatures also has a strange fascination with checklists. There’s a fine line between guiding and dictating, and the game has flown past that line with reckless abandon. There’s optional tasks to get additional bags of pet food (which can be redeemed later on), but being told to collect a hefty amount of them is downright agonizing, akin to playing a game of 52 card pickup.

It’s not like this title is too long, as the entirety of this title can be finished in around 20 minutes. There are some achievements to be had and different animals to play around with, but don’t expect to be playing this one in the long term. All scenarios are the same, and there is no variation between playthroughs.

It should be worth noting that there is a distinct lack of polish in this title too. We encountered some slowdown, choppy graphics, and a computer that was trying its hardest to get by. It’s not even a looker – the low poly look would have been right at home during the days of the PlayStation 2. This title is not optimized in the slightest, and it shows.

The endless checklists and pandering gameplay of Strange Creatures makes it an easy pass, even for those desperate for a new co-op multiplayer title.

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